Audible and Visual Signalling

Evacuation and warning sirens

When it comes to safety, there is no compromise. You need to ensure that your site is as safe as can be, and, that should an emergency occur, there are adequate procedures in place, and all your safety equipment is present and working. At Mechtric we sell an array of high quality emergency beacons and warning sirens.  All equipment is sourced from reputable suppliers and manufacturers, and made to the highest standards. Contact us for more information or to order stock.

Warning Beacons

Mechtric supply a wide range of industrial beacons utilising xenon strobe, LED and the more traditional flashing or rotating  filament lamp beacons. Contact us and tell us what you need, we‘ll suggest the ideal solution for your safety requirements.

Warning Sirens

Warning and evacuation sirens are two of the most critical elements of safety equipment on any industrial site. They might not be needed for long periods of time, but when they are, they need to work properly as lives may depend on it. That’s why you need to buy solid and reliable emergency sirens, which can stand idle for months on end, but can withstand the harsh Australian climate, and work as required when needed.