Electric Motors and Gearboxes

Electrical Motors

Our range of electric motors include:

Three-phase electric motors in aluminium alloy and cast iron frames (All our three-phase motors exceed MEPS efficiency standards)
Single-phase electric motors
Brake motors
Servo motors
DC motors
Flameproof motors

We supply the following brands:

  • Mechtric
  • COEL
  • Drive systems
  • Delta
  • Euromotori
  • Carpanelli


Our range of gearboxes include:

Worm gearboxes

Inline helical gearboxes

Bevel-helical Gearboxes

Right angle bevel gearboxes

Mechanical variators

With more than 50 years in the industry, we are well placed to advice you on the correct equipment to use, and to supply you accordingly.

Additional products

We also supply a full range of motor control gear, soft starters, VVVF drives and automation products.

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