Industrial Automation & Electrical Enclosures

Industrial automation suppliers

As a leading provider of industrial automation solutions, we take our responsibility to the industry seriously. This means we always ensure that everything we supply is suited to our client’s needs and budgets, and that the quality of the products and services we supply is always of the highest standard. Contact our team at Mechtric today and see what a difference we can make to your business.

In this high-tech age, we are in a position to eliminate human error wherever possible, and the way forward is to automate as many systems and processes as we can. We specialise in delivering simple to use, practical factory automation equipment, ensuring that our solutions are suited to our clients’ requirements.

Partnering with the best companies to deliver the best results

In order to ensure that we deliver the best quality products and services, we have partnered with multiple companies around the world, including industrial automation suppliers in Australia. By working closely with our partners, and you the client, we are able to deliver workable, cost-effective factory automation products and solutions to suit a wide range of needs.

Modular Time Relays

We stock and sell a range of time relay systems designed to provide you with accurate information. This includes multifunctional timing systems for your electrical equipment.


Reliable and robust digital electronic counters are crucial to allowing you to make accurate and informed decisions regarding your production processes. This is particularly relevant with any office automation processes you have running. All counters are easy to use and flexible enough to adjust to your requirements.

Communication Modules

State-of-the-art communication modules built for tough industrial settings. Reliable and accurate, these systems are designed to be resistant to any interference. Available as back-to-backs and plug-ins. These systems are ideal for multiple applications including factory automation, process control and intricate machinery.

Human Machine Interface

We supply human machine interface technology to bridge the gap between user and technology. This system is simple to use, affordable and highly effective.

Programmable Logic Controllers

A programmable logic controllers (plc) is designed to help you control the automation of industrial electromagnetic processes.

Timers and Time Switches

Timing is critical to your electrical operation, as is the quality of your parts. That’s why we offer the highest quality timers and time switches including the plc timer.

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