Industrial Automation

Industrial automation products

Mechtric can supply a complete industrial automation solution, from individual components to a complete control panel including programming according the customers’ requirements. Contact the team at Mechtric and let us assist you with your next automation project.

Partnering with the best companies to deliver the best results

In order to ensure that we deliver the best quality products and services, we have partnered with multiple companies around the world, including Delta Electronics, Lovato Electric, GIC, Data Logic, Mechan and many others. By working closely with our partners, and you the client, we are able to deliver workable, cost-effective factory automation products and solutions to suit a wide range of applications.

Programmable Logic Controllers

The Delta Electronics range of PLC’s range from the simple and economical priced S slimline series to the more advanced AS and AH500 series for larger projects. A full range of expansion modules are available for additional digital and analogue I/O, and dedicated functions such as temperature inputs and load cell inputs.

The programming software for all Delta PLC’s and HMI’s is available as a free download.

The Lovato Electric LRD series of smart relays and operator panels offer a cost-effective solution to simple automation applications.

Human Machine Interface

The DOP-B series of HMI’s from Delta Electronics offer sizes from 4.3” to 10.1” with excellent resolution TFT LCD touch screens, multiple coms ports and optional Ethernet.
For a larger display the Delta electronics DOP-W series is available with screen sizes from 10.4: to 15’ TFT LCD and the DOP-H series hand held HMI is available for dedicated machine control applications.

Screen editing and remote operation software is available as a free download.

Counters and Timers

We offer a range of simple counters and timer relays including the Lovato TM series of DIN rail mount time relays, GIC pulse counters, hour counters and time switches.

Communication Modules

Mechtric offer the Delta Electronic range of communication modules suitable for a variety of protocols including RS-232 to RS-485, USB to RS-485, RS-232/485 to CANopen and RS-232/485 to Ethernet.

We also stock the Phoenix contact FL series Ethernet switches. Supplying quality electrical and mechanical engineering products for more than 50 years. Contact Mechtric, your local specialists.