Audible and Visual Signalling

Sirens and Beacons

Mechtric supply a comprehensive ranges of signalling devices for industrial, mining, commercial and fire protection applications.  With products ranging from panel mounting buzzers and pilot lights to high power disaster warning sirens. With sirens and beacons suitable for hazardous area applications (Explosion proof and Intrinsically Safe) and beacons for aircraft obstacle warning. Contact us for product selection assistance or download our Industrial Signalling catalogue, or  Wide Area Signalling catalogue.

Flashing Lights and Beacons

Mechtric supply a wide range of industrial beacons utilising  LED technology, xenon strobe and traditional flashing or rotating  filament lamp. Products available for fire, industrial, hazardous area, marine and civil applications.

Warning Sirens

Our range of sirens include electronic sounders, speech and tone sounders, electric motor driven sirens, electronic and electro-mechanical buzzers, horns and bells. With products suitable for low cost security applications through to high power warning systems with sound output to cover several kilometers.

 Vehicle Flashing Lights and Sirens

Amber LED flashing and rotating lights for service vehicles, heavy duty vibration resistant versions for earth moving and construction machinery.