Lovato PMA40 Current Protection Relays. 2 relay outputs, AC/DC min/max control. Single phase.

Lovato Electric

PMA40 Current Monitoring Relays

Lovato PMA40. 2 relay outputs, 1 changeover contact per relay output, configurable Min & Max parameters. AC/DC min/max current control. For single phase systems.

The Lovato PMA40 Current Monitoring Protection Relays are suitable for industrial circuit protection applications for single phase systems. The PMA40 simultaneously monitors AC/DC minimum and maximum current with a high degree of accuracy and comes with various adjustable settings (shown below) which ensure the PMA40 is a versatile solution that can be easily adapted to the end user’s needs.


General Characteristics:

– Current monitoring relay for AC/DC minimum and maximum current control, AC/DC multi-voltage auxiliary power supply.
– Direct connection up to 16A max or by current transformer (CT).
– Excellent tripping accuracy.
– TRMS measurements (True Root Mean Square).
– Automatic or manual resetting (manual resetting by power removal).
– 2 relay outputs, each with 1 changeover contact (SPDT).
– Modular DIN 43880 housing, 3-module.
– IEC protection degree: IP40 on front (only when placed in IP40 enclosure or control board), IP20 at terminals.
– Adjustments:
• “I max”: Maximum current tripping threshold 5…100% Ie.
• “I min”: Minimum current tripping threshold 5…100%.
• “Trip delay”: Minimum and maximum current tripping time 0.1…30s.
• “Inhibition time”: Tripping time at power up 1…60s.
• “Ie”: Current scale selection 20mA, 1A, 5A, or 16A.
• “Mode”:
Separate or common relay outputs.
Relay output normally energised or de-energised.
Tripping memory (Latch) On or Off.


Order Code Rated Current Ie Auxiliary Supply Voltage Weight (kg)
PMA40240 0.02-0.05-0.25-1-5-16A 24…240V AC/DC 0.166


(Please see attached PDF’s for further information)