Lovato PMA60. Phase shift.

Lovato Electric

PMA60 Phase Shift Monitoring Relays

Lovato PMA60. Simultaneous min/max cosφ control, delayed trip. 2 relay outputs (min & max) with 1 changeover contact each. For single and three phase systems.

The Lovato PMA60 Phase Shift Protection Relays are suitable for industrial circuit protection applications for single and three phase systems. The PMA60 relay monitors minimum and maximum phase shift with a high degree of accuracy, and adjustable tripping parameters (shown below) ensure the PMA60 is a versatile solution that can be easily adapted to the end user’s needs.


General Characteristics:

– Minimum and maximum phase shift monitoring relay, auxiliary AC power supply.
– Direct connection up to 16A max, or by current transformer (CT).
– Excellent tripping accuracy.
– Voltage control range: 80-660VAC.
– Current control range: 0.1-16A.
– Automatic or manual resetting (manual resetting by power removal).
– 2 relay outputs (min & max), each with 1 changeover contact (SPDT).
– Modular DIN 43880 housing, 3-module.
– IEC protection degree: IP40 on front (only when placed in IP40 enclosure or control board), IP20 at terminals.
– Adjustments:
• “Cosφ min”: Minimum cosφ threshold 0.1…0.99 inductive.
• “Trip delay”: Tripping time for minimum cosφ 0.1-30s.
• “Cosφ max”: Maximum cosφ threshold 0.1…0.99 inductive.
• “Trip delay”: Tripping time for maximum cosφ 0.1-30s.
• “Inhibition time”: Tripping delay at power up 1…60s.
• “Mode”:
Single or three phase.
Relay outputs normally energised or de-energised.
Tripping memory (Latch) On or Off.


Order Code Rated Current Ie Auxiliary Supply Voltage Weight (kg)
PMA60A240 16A 220-240VAC 0.254
PMA60A415 16A 380-415VAC 0.254
PMA60A480 16A 440-480VAC 0.254


(Please see attached PDF’s for further information)