Lovato RM Series. 1 operation threshold.

Lovato Electric

RM Series Earth Leakage Relays

Lovato RM Series. 1 operation threshold, modular 35mm DIN rail mounting.

The Lovato RM Earth Leakage Protection Relays are suitable for industrial circuit protection applications.

RM1 – external CT, fixed tripping set point and time.

31RM – external CT, adjustable tripping set point and time.

31RMT – 28mm incorporated CT, configurable fail safe, adjustable tripping set point and time.


General Characteristics:

– Earth leakage relay type A.
– Configurable fail safe operation for RMT type only.
– Green power LED indicator (ON).
– Red relay tripped LED indicator (TRIP).
– Front TEST and RESET buttons.
– Configurable, automatic or manual resetting.
– Modular DIN 43880 housing, 2 module, with transparent cover, suitable for fixing on 35mm DIN rail.
– IEC protection degree: IP40 on front with cover, IP20 at terminals.
– Settings for RM1:
• Selectable tripping set point (IΔn): fixed 0.3A or 0.5A.
• Selectable tripping time (t): fixed 0.02s or 0.5s.
– Adjustments for 31RM and 31RMT
• Configurable tripping set point (IΔn):
25-250A. (with external multiplier RX10 for 31RM only).
• Configurable tripping delay time (t):


Order Code Auxiliary Supply Voltage Output Contacts Weight (kg)
RM148 24-48VAC/DC 1 0.175
RM1415 110-125VAC/DC, 220-240VAC, 380-415VAC. 1 0.175
31RM48 24-48VAC/DC 1 0.190
31RM415 110-125VAC/DC, 220-240VAC, 380-415VAC. 1 0.190
31RMT415 110-125VAC/DC, 220-240VAC, 380-415VAC. 2 0.375


(Please see attached PDF’s for further information)