Lovato Electric

PMV80N Voltage Monitoring Relays


Lovato PMV80N voltage monitoring relays for three phase systems with or without neutral.

The Lovato PMV80N Voltage Monitoring Relays are suitable for industrial circuit protection applications for three phase systems with or without neutral. The PMV80N is instantaneously tripped when phase loss, neutral loss, or incorrect phase sequence is detected and has an adjustable delayed trip when a deviation outside minimum/maximum parameters for AC voltage or frequency is detected.


General Characteristics:

– Voltage monitoring relay, self powered, for minimum and maximum voltage, minimum and maximum frequency, phase loss, neutral loss and incorrect phase sequence.
– 4 configurable rated voltage (Ue):
• phase-phase: 208-220-230-240VAC.
• phase-neutral: 120-127-132-138VAC.
• phase-phase: 380-400-415-440VAC.
• phase-neutral: 220-230-240-254VAC.
• phase-phase: 480-525-575-600VAC.
• phase-neutral: 277-303-332-347VAC.
– Excellent tripping accuracy.
– TRMS measurements (True Root Mean Square).
– Phase loss detection if one of the voltages is <70% rated value.
– Phase or neutral loss tripping time: 60ms.
– 2 relay outputs, each with 1 changeover contact (SPDT).
– Modular DIN 43880 housing, 3-module.
– IEC protection degree: IP40 on front (only when placed in IP40 enclosure or control board), IP20 at terminals.
– Adjustments:
• “V max”: Maximum voltage tripping threshold 105…115% Ue.
• “V min”: Minimum voltage tripping threshold 80…95% Ue.
• “Hz min/max”: Minimum/maximum frequency tripping threshold 1…10%.
• “V delay”: Tripping time 0.1…20s.
• “Hz delay”: Tripping time 0.1…5s.


Order Code Rated Voltage to Control Ue (phase to phase) Weight (kg)
PMV80NA240 208-240VAC 0.200
PMV80NA440 380-440VAC 0.200
PMV80NA600 480-600VAC 0.200


(Please see attached PDF’s for further information)