Motor Protection Circuit Breakers SM1P


SM1P motor protection circuit breakers with
thermal and magnetic trip releases and high breaking
Motor control and protection of up to 22kW (400V) is
possible by choosing the suitable adjustment range, from
0.1 to 40A.
The dimensions of SM1P… motor protection circuit breakers are compliant with the
DIN43880 standard, allowing them to be mounted in all
modular enclosures on the market.
A magnetic trip indicator integrated on the SM1R…
breakers avoids dangerous closing operations during short circuit
conditions, previously disconnected by the breaker.

Their high breaking capacity permits the elimination of
protection fuses on the majority of installations.

SM1P Push Button Type

    Order            CodeThermal Trip Range (A)Short Circuit Breaking Capacity Icu (kA)Short Circuit Breaking Capacity Ics (kA)
SM1P 00160.1…0.16100100
SM1P 00250.16…0.25100100
SM1P 00400.25…0.4100100
SM1P 00630.4…0.63100100
SM1P 01000.63…1100100
SM1P 01601…1.6100100
SM1P 02501.6…2.5100100
SM1P 04002.5…4100100
SM1P 06504…6.5100100
SM1P 10006.3…10100100
SM1P 14009…142512.5
SM1P 180013…182512.5
SM1P 230017…23155
SM1P 250020…25155
SM1P 320024…32105
SM1P 400030…40105

Operational characteristics
– IEC rated insulation voltage Ui: 690V
– IEC rated impulse withstand voltage: 6kV
– Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
– Rated maximum current: 40A
– Adjustment ranges: 16
– IEC breaking capacity: up to 100kA
– Heat dissipation per phase: 0.7…3.3W
– Magnetic tripping: 13In max.
– Tripping class: 10A
– Phase failure sensitive
– Mechanical endurance: 100,000 cycles
– Electrical endurance: 100,000 cycles
– Mounting on 35mm DIN rail (IEC/EN 60715)
– Mounting position: any
– IEC utilisation category: A
– Padlocking in OFF: Ø4mm/0.16”
– Protection rating: IP20.