E2S B300LDA LED Beacons

E2S B300LDA LED Beacons


E2S B300LDA LED Beacons for Industrial Signalling Applications

High impact resistant & weatherproof; permanent, multi-function, industrial signalling beacons with accessories for various mounting options.


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– LED multi-function beacon.
– 9 flash patterns.
– 2 stage alarm, remotely selectable (10-50VDC version only).
– Multi-voltage.
– IP65 protection degree.
– Light Intensity: 19cd.
– Duty: Continuous.
– Temp Rating (degrees C): -25 to +50.
– Cable Entry: M20 side entry.
– Construction: High impact resistant polycarbonate base and lens.
– Lens Color: Available in – amber, blue, clear, green, red & yellow.

Flash Patterns for 2 stage alarm:

  • Stage 1:Stage 2 (10-50VDC only):
    StaticAlternate Side Flash 2Hz
    Rotating Slow 1Alternate Side Flash 2 Hz
    Single Flash 2HzRotating Fast 2
    Rotating Fast 1Single Flash 2Hz
    Rotating Slow 2Double Flash 1Hz
    Double Flash 1HzRotating Fast 2
    Rotating Fast 2Double Flash 2 Hz
    Double Flash 2HzAlternate Side Flash 2Hz
    Alternate Side Flash 2HzRotating Fast 2
  • Order CodeDescription
    ESSB300LDA050B 10-50VDC, 130mA (24VDC).
    ESSB300LDA230B 90-240VAC, 90-50mA.
    ESSB300RAB001 B300 wall mount bracket accessory.
    ESSB300TMA001 B300 tube mount (137mm high) accessory.
    ESS9B300S B300 lens (specify color) accessories.

(please see linked PDF’s for further information)