E2S BExBGL2 LED Explosion Proof Beacons

E2S BExBGL2 LED Explosion Proof Beacons


E2S BExBGL2 Multi-function LED Explosion Proof Beacons for Hazardous Area Signalling Applications

The BExBGL2 L.E.D. multi-function Explosion Proof Beacons are suitable for Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 applications. Approved to IECEx and ATEX standards. The BExBGL2 explosion proof LED status light & beacon utilises an array of high power Cree® LED’s, orientated to optimise visibility in any direction. The beacon can be configured as a steady beacon for status indicator use, with a light output of up to 87 candela. Alternatively one of the five flashing modes, with a light output of up to 160 candela, may be used for warning applications. DC voltage versions feature three remotely selectable stages enabling multiple warnings to be signalled from one device. The UV stable colour filter enhances the light output and is field replaceable.


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Multi-function LED beacons.
– Ex d IIC zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 (IECEx).
– 7 flash patterns.
– 3 stage alarm, remotely selectable (DC version only)..
– Line monitoring with blocking diode or optional EOL resistor.
– Light Intensity: 160cd(e) – flashing.
– Flash Rate: 7 flash patterns (see table below).
– Protection Rating: IP66 (IP67).
– Temp Rating (degrees Celsius): T6 -50 to +60, T5 -50 to +70.
– Duty: Continuous.
– Cable Entry: 2 x M20 ISO (one stopping plug included).
– Construction: LM6 aluminium housing, glass lens, stainless steel guard and mounting bracket.
– Approval: II 2G Ex d IIC T6 (max ambient temperature +60 degrees Celsius), II 2G Ex d IIC T5 (max ambient temperature +70 degrees Celsius).
– Certificate: IECEx (KEM 10.0002).
– Weight: DC – 2.65kg, AC – 2.95kg.
– Lens Colors Available: Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red, Yellow.


Order CodeDescription
ESS7711 10-50VDC, 24mA @ 24VDC.
ESS7721 115VAC +/- 10%, 95mA.
ESS7731 230VAC +/- 10%, 48mA.


Stage 1: (selectable on board)Stage 2: (remotely selectable)Stage 3: (remotely selectable)
 1 Steady High Power 1 Flashing 1Hz 1 Triple Strike Flash
 2 Steady Low Power 2 Flashing 1Hz 2 Triple Strike Flash
 3 Flashing 1Hz 3 Double Strike Flashing 2Hz 3 Triple Strike Flash
 4 Flashing 1.5Hz 4 Flashing 2Hz 4 Double Strike Flash
 5 Flashing 2Hz 5 Triple Strike Flash 5 Triple Strike Flash
 6 Double Strike Flash 6 Steady High Power 6 Triple Strike Flash
 7 Triple Strike Flash 7 Flashing 2Hz 7 Double Strike Flash

(please see attached PDF’s for further information)