E2S MBL1 Marine Beacons

E2S MBL1 Marine Beacons


E2S MBL1 Marine Beacons for Industrial Signalling Applications

The E2S ‘M’ series of  Marine Beacon products have been designed to withstand the harshest of environments. Constructed from lightweight, impact and fire resistant ABS, the range features stainless steel, ratchet adjustable mounting brackets and has been third party tested to IP67.


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Multi-function LED beacon.
– Light Intensity: 11cd(e).
– Flash Rate: Multi-function, see flash pattern table below.
– 9 flash patterns.
– 3 stage alarm, remotely selectable.
– Protection Rating: IP67.
– Temp Rating: -25 to +55 degrees Celsius.
– Duty: Continuous.
– Cable Entry: 2 x M20.
– Construction: Flame retardant ABS housing, glass lens.
– Stainless steel guard as standard.
– Lens Colors Available: Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red.
Order CodeDescription
ESS7512 MBL1 LED marine beacon, 10-50VDC, 400mA @ 24VDC, (specify lens color).
ESS7513 MBL1 LED marine beacon, 24VAC +/- 10%, 380mA, (specify lens color).
ESS7522 MBL1 LED marine beacon, 115VAC +/- 10%, 140mA, (specify lens color).
ESS7532 MBL1 LED marine beacon, 230VAC +/- 10%, 70mA, (specify lens color).


Stage 1: (selectable on board)Stage 2: (remotely selectable)Stage 3: (remotely selectable)
1 static1 alternate side flash 1:1 2Hz1 double strike flash 2Hz
2 rotating: fast 12 rotating: fast 22 static
3 rotating: fast 23 double strike flash 2Hz3 static
4 rotating: slow 14 alternate side flash 1:1 2Hz4 static
5 rotating: slow 25 double strike flash 1Hz5 static
6 double strike flash 1Hz6 alternate side flash 1:1 2Hz6 static
7 single strike flash 2Hz7 rotating: fast 27 static
8 double strike flash 2Hz8 rotating: fast 28 static
9 alternate side flash 1:1 2Hz9 rotating: fast 29 static

(please see attached PDF’s for further information)