ECONO-BOX Junction Boxes

ECONO-BOX Junction Boxes


ECONO-BOX Junction Boxes For Electrical Housing Applications.


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Reinforced engineering plastic.
– Available in 3 sizes with 4 entries.
– Bottom entry box with three entries includes terminal rail.
– Black or optional transparent lid.
– Orange can be supplied on request subject to min. order quantity.
– Lid security lug.
– Impact resistant and corrosion free.
– Stainless steel screws.
– Internal earth stud.
– Encapsulated earth bar ensures continuity to all entries.
– Protection: IP68.
– Mounting lugs for DIN rail.
 Box Size Terminal Size and Quantity
TB2.5 24ATB4 32ATB6 41ATB10 57ATB16 76ATB35 125A


Order Code Description
PR57250 No. 0 box size, 100 x 78.5mm, black lid, 87.8 x 59.6mm usable space, 4 x M20 cable entry – 90 degrees, 0.20kg.
PR57251 No. 1 box size, 110 x 83.4mm, black lid, 98 x 66.1mm usable space, 4 x M20 cable entry – 90 degrees, 0.29kg.
PR57252 No. 2 box size, 134 x 98.2mm, black lid, 122.5 x 80.1mm usable space, 4 x M25 cable entry – 90 degrees, 0.44kg.
PR57258 No. 1 box size, 105 x 89mm, black lid, 102 x 81.7mm usable space, 3 x M20 cable entry – bottom entry, 0.27kg.
PR57800 No. 0, 1, Blanking plugs M20 accessory.
PR57801 No. 2, Blanking plugs M25 accessory.
PR57290 No. 2, Reducing locknut 25 to 16mm accessory.
PR57291 No. 2, Reducing locknut 25 to 20mm accessory.

*Boxes are designed to be fitted with Pratley cable glands.


(please see attached PDF’s for further information)