EL Series Xenon Strobe Beacons

Delta Design EL Series Xenon Strobe Beacons


Delta Design EL Series Xenon Strobe Beacons for Industrial Signalling Applications

The EL Series Xenon Strobe Beacons are a large, high powered, 15W xenon beacon, with an inner fresnel lens and a smooth easy-clean outer lens. The EL Series can be customised with accessories to suit specific industrial signalling applications.


  • Operational Characteristics: 
–  15W xenon strobe beacons.
– Flash type: Single flash 240VAC version & double flash on 12/24V model.
– Luminous intensity: 100Cd(e).
– Flash rate: 120fpm.
– Wide choice of mounting accessories available.
– IP65 protection degree.
– Multi voltage options.
– Duty: Continuous.
– Temp Rating (degrees C): -25 to +55.
– Cable Entry: Through base.
– Surface mounting.
– Construction: Polycarbonate lens, ABS base.
– Lens Color: Available in – amber, blue, clear, green, red & yellow.
  • Order CodeDescription
    DLE201215 ELB2DXDV/15, 10-33VDC, 1.25-0.6A.
    DLE224015 EL2SX240/15, 240VAC (207-253V), 140mA.
    DLFX10 FX10 steel guard for EL series accessory.
    DLFX12 FX12 single bolt mount EL series accessory.
    DLFX14 FX14 wall bracket RB-EL series accessory.
    DLFX17 FX17 mounting clip kit EL series accessory.
    DLFX28 FX28 cable entry plinth RB-EL series accessory.
    DL900040 EL lens (specify colour) accessory.
    DL900060 ELB2DXDV/15 xenon tube kit accessory.

(please see linked PDF’s for further information)