DME CD & CD PV1 Data Concentrators

Lovato Electric

DME CD & CD PV1 Data Concentrators

Modular Data Concentrators


Operational characteristics include:

– Nominal Supply voltage 100…240VAC/110…250VDC.
– Voltage range 85…264VAC/93.5…300VDC.
– Backlit graphic LCD.
– 8 inputs, expandable with EXM 10… modules UP TO 14.
– Built-in RS458 communication port.
– Modbus-RTU, ASCII and TCP communication protocol.
– Multifunction display.
– Clearable total and partial energy counters for each channel.
– Programmable general counters.
– Calculation of derivative average values.
– Mathematical operations among counters.
– Modular housing, 4 module.
– IEC degree of protection: IP40 on front; IP20 at terminals.
– IP40 from front.
– Optional RS485 abd RS232 expansion modules are compatible with Synergy and Xpress software.


Order Code Description
DMECD With 8 programmable digital inputs, expandable, for data collection + pulse count from DMEM100T1 and DME D…, RS485 port.
DMECDPV1 Programmed for installation control and data collection + pulse count from two DMED (Except DME D100 T1) minimum, RS485 port, expandable.
 EXM1000 2 digital inputs and 2 static outputs, opto-isolated
EXM1001 2 opto-isolated digital inputs and 2 relay outputs rated 5A 250VAC
EXM1002 4 opto-isolated digital inputs and 2 relay outputs rated 5A 250VAC
EXM1010 Opto-isolated USB interface
EXM1011 Opto-isolated RS232 interface
EXM1012 Opto-isolated RS485 interface
EXM1013 Ethernet interface with Web server function
EXM1020 Opto-isolated RS485 interface and 2 relay outputs rated 5A 250VAC
EXM1030 Data storage, clock calendar (RTC) with backup reserve energy for data logging

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