DMG M3 900 01 Multimeter

Lovato Electric

DMG M3 900 01 Multi-function Meters

Multi-function flush mounting multimeters

  • 96 x 96mm flush panel mounting
  • LCD icon display with backlight
  • Measurements include-
Voltage – phase, phase neutral and ground neutral-earth.
Current – phase values.
Power- apparent, active and reactive. Phase and total.
Neutral current calculated and true values.
Power factor per phase and total.
Cos per phase and total.
Maximum demand of current and power.
Voltage and current asymmetry.
Total harmonic distortion(THD): voltage and current.
Harmonic analysis up to 63rd order.
HIGH-LOW-AVERAGE value functions for all measurements.
Energy meters for active, reactive, apparent, partial and total values.
Programmable tariff functions.
Hour counter for programmable total and partial hours.
Pulse counter for general use: consumption pulse counting for water, gas, etc.
Energy quality analysis to EN 50160 Class B (with expansion module).
  • Measuring range 20-830VAC phase to phase or 10-480VAC phase to neutral , 45-66Hz / 360-440Hz and external CT 5A.
  • Accuracy- 0.2% voltage and current, 0.5% for power, active energy class 0.5s, reactive energy class 2.
  • Non volatile memory for data storage.
  • 4 x expansion slot for expansion module.
  • IP65 from front.
  • Compatible with  Synergy and Express  software.
    Order  Code Description
    DMGM390001 DMG 900 Multi-function multi-meter in M3N case, prewired, for mobile applications, with USB port, without external cables
    EXP10 00 Expansion module 4 opto-isolated digital inputs
    EXP10 01 Expansion module 4 opto-isolated static outputs e
    EXP10 02 Expansion module 2 digital inputs and 2 static outputs
    EXP10 03 Expansion module 2 relay outputs rated 5A 250VAC
    EXP10 08 Expansion module 2 opto-isolated digital inputs and 2 relay
    outputs rated 5A 250VAC
    EXP10 10 Expansion module Opto-isolated USB interface
    EXP10 11 Expansion module Opto-isolated RS232 interface
    EXP10 12 Expansion module Opto-isolated RS485 interface
    EXP10 13 Expansion module Opto-isolated Ethernet interface with web server function
    EXP10 14 Expansion module Opto-isolated Profibus-DP interface for DMG 800
    EXP10 30 Expansion module Data storage, clock-calendar (RTC) with backup reserve energy for data logging for DMG 800
    EXP10 31 Expansion module Data storage, with Energy Quality (EN 50160 -class B), clock-calendar (RTC) with backup reserve energy for data logging