EXC-CON-01 & 4-PX1 Measuring Instrument Accessories – Converter Drives

Lovato Electric

EXC-CON-01 & 4-PX1 Measuring Instrument Accessories – Converter Drives


EXC CON 01 Converters (RS485) & 4 PX1 Converter Drives (RS232-RS485) Lovato Electric Measuring Instrument Accessories allow for the facilitation of an interface for RS485/RS232 networks


  • General operational characteristics include:


The EXC CON 01 converter allows “slave” devices connected on an RS485 network to interface with a “master” featuring Ethernet port:

 – kit comprising converter and DIN rail mounting accessory;

– programming via web interface;

– power supply not included.

4 PX1

The 4 PX1 converter drive (RS232-RS485) can interface “slave” devices connected in an RS485 bus with a “master” equipped with RS232 interface port. When configured appropriately, it can also be used as RS485 repeater whenever the devices connected to the bus are many or the maximum distance among the bus devices is longer than the allowed.


Order Code Description
EXCCON01  RS485/Ethernet 12…48VDC converter, including DIN rail fixing kit.
4PX1  RS232/RS485 galvanically isolated converter supply 220…240VAC (or 110…120VAC), Repeater for bus extension RS485.

(please see linked PDF’s for further information)