EXC M3G 01 Measuring Instrument Accessories – Gateways

Lovato Electric

EXC M3G 01 Measuring Instrument Accessories – Gateways


EXC M3G 01 Gateways are accessories for Lovato Measuring Instruments


  • The EXC M3G 01 gateway allows “slave” devices connected on an RS485 network to interface with a “master” via 3G network.

EXC M3G 01 Operational Characteristics:

– TCP server connection via 3G or 2G network;

– Transparent operating mode: the data is transferred from 3G side to serial side and vice versa without protocol conversion;

– Parameters that can be set: TCP server remote port and IP, network operator APN (with username and password), SIM card PIN (with enablement), connection timeout, serial parameters (baud rate from 1200bps to 115200bps, stop bit, number of characters, parity);

– RJ45 port for parameter programming and diagnosis with a simple software application.

– Compatible with major worldwide mobile phone networks, thanks to the use of 850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz frequencies.

– Protection rating: IP 67.

– Fixing hole diameter: 10mm; Cable length: 2.5m.


Order Code Description
EXCM3G01 ┬áRS485/3G modem, 9.5…27VAC/9.5…35VDC, including antenna and programming cable, length 2.5m.

(please see linked PDF’s for further information)