EXP 10… Expansion Modules

Lovato Electric

EXP 10… Expansion Modules for flush mount products

EXP 10… Expansion Modules can increase the functionality of Lovato flush mount electrical products

  • Rear base product mounting with no need of tools.
  • Powered directly by the base product.
  • Automatic identification by the base product.
  • General operational characteristics include:
– Digital inputs.
– Relay outputs.
– Static outputs.
– Analog inputs.
– Inputs for PT100 temperature sensor.
– Thermocouple inputs “J” or “K” types.
– Analog outputs.
– Communication interface.
– Data storage.
  • Order Code Description
    EXP1000  4 digital inputs, opto-isolated.
    EXP1001  4 static outputs, opto-isolated.
    EXP1002  2 digital inputs and 2 static outputs, opto-isolated.
    EXP1003  2 relay outputs, rated 5A 250VAC
    EXP1004  2 analog inputs, opto-isolated 0/4…20mA, PT100, 0-10V 0r 0…+/- 5V.
    EXP1005  2 analog outputs, opto-isolated 0/4…20mA, 0-10V or 0…+/- 5V.
    EXP1006  2 relay outputs to increase number of steps.
    EXP1007  3 relay outputs to increase number of steps.
    EXP1008  2 opto-isolated digital inputs and 2 relay outputs rated 5A  250VAC.
    EXP1040  2 digital/resistive inputs, 2 static outputs.
    EXP1041  2 thermocouple inputs, 2 static outputs.
    EXP1010  Opto-isolated USB interface.
    EXP1011  Opto-isolated RS232 interface.
    EXP1012  Opto-isolated RS485 interface.
    EXP1013  Opto-isolated Ethernet interface with Web server function.
    EXP1014  Opto-isolated Profibus-DP interface.
    EXP1016  Capacitor bank protection.
    EXP1030  Data storage, clock-calendar.
    EXP1031  Data storage, clock-calendar with Energy Quality (EN 50160).

(please see linked PDF’s for further information)