DMG 300 Multimeter

Lovato Electric

DMG 300 Multi-function Meters

Multi-function flush mounting multi-meters

  • 96 x 96mm flush panel mounting
  • LCD icon display with backlight
  • Measurements include-
Voltage – Phase, line and system values.
Current – Phase values and calculated neutral current.
Power- apparent, active and reactive. Phase and total.
Power factor per phase and total.
Maximum demand of current and power.
HIGH-LOW-AVERAGE value functions for all measurements.
Voltage and current asymmetry.
Total harmonic distortion(THD): voltage and current.
Harmonic analysis up to 31st order.
Energy meters for active, reactive, apparent, partial and total values, programmable tariff functions.
Pulse counter (with expansion module only).
  • Measuring range 20-830VAC phase to phase, 10 to 480VAC phase-neutral, 45-66Hz and with external CT 5A or 1A input.
  • Accuracy- 0.2% voltage and current, 0.5% for power, active energy class 0.5s, reactive energy class 2.
  • Non volatile memory for data storage.
  • 3 x expansion slot for expansion module.
  • IP40 from front.
  • Compatible with  Synergy and Express  software.
    Order Code Description
    DMG300 Graphic 128×80 pixel LCD, harmonic analysis, auxiliary supply 100-240VAC/110-250VDC, expandable with modules series EXM…
    EXM1000 Expansion module 2 digital inputs and 2 static outputs, opto-isolated
    EXM1001 Expansion module 2 opto-isolated digital inputs and 2 relay outputs rated 5A 250VAC
    EXM1002 Expansion module 4 opto-isolated digital inputs and 2 relay outputs rated 5A 250VAC
    EXM10 10 Expansion module Opto-isolated USB interface
    EXM1011 Expansion module Opto-isolated RS232 interface
    EXM1012 Expansion module Opto-isolated RS485 interface
    EXM1013 Expansion module Ethernet interface with Web server function
    EXM1020  Opto-isolated RS485 interface and 2 relay outputs rated 5A 250VAC
    EXM1030  Data storage, clock-calendar (RTC) with backup battery for data logging