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Synergy, Xpress, Sam1 & NFC Lovato Remote Monitoring Software

The Synergy, Xpress, Sam1 & NFC Lovato Softwares are capable of interfacing with some Lovato products for the purpose of remote monitoring, control and parameter setting. The software is simple and intuitive to use and is available on PCs, tablets and smartphones for user convenience.


Synergy is a remote control and supervision software for Lovato Electric devices equipped with communication via serial ports, ethernet or modem. The supported protocols are Modbus-RTU, modbus-ASCII and Modbus-TCP. Its structure and applications are based on MS ISS Express web server to control the user interface. The software is capable of:
– Managing multiple communication channels simultaneously.
– Connecting the devices to the various channels.
– Collecting data from all the devices and storing them in a database.
– Displaying collected data in graphical pages and tables.
– Generating graphs and alarms starting from the content of the data tables.
– Allowing access to the devices and their data according to the rights of different users.


Xpress is a parameter configuration and remote monitoring software shared by the entire latest generation of Lovato Electric products equipped with a communications port. It can be installed in the Windows environment and connect individually (one node at a time) to the Lovato products connected to the network.
– Supports connection via CX01 (USB), CX02 dongle (Wi-Fi), USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet or modem.
– Product configuration: parameter setting; project file management for the family of controllers for RGK series generating sets.
– Product firmware update (via CX01).
– Remote control: monitoring of main measurements; measurements of graphic trends; sending commands to products.
– Reading alarms and events memory.
– Memory modules management EXP10 30, EXM 10 30, EXP10 31.
Xpress can be downloaded for free from: http://www.LovatoElectric.com/xpressdownload.aspx


The Sam1 app allows configuration and maintenance operations to be done via tablet or smartphone by connecting to the Lovato CX02 dongle which easily plugs into a wide range of Lovato products communication ports. Using this app, it is possible to upload files onto the device, send commands, read measurements and view/save copies of data saved in a text file, which can later be sent via email or to FTP servers.
Sam1 can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple iTunes store.


The parameter setting for some Lovato products is now possible via tablet and smartphone through NFC wireless technology. This feature is available for the Lovato ATL, FFL, ADXL, TM & PM product lines.
Bringing the display of a smartphone or tablet (with NFC connection enabled) in close proximity to a Lovato product activates the NFC app and the device connected is recognised automatically. The parameters can be set without powering up the Lovato device.
The application allows you to:
– Set the parameters for the product connected.
– Save the parameters in a file and send it via e-mail.
– Load a parameter file saved previously.
The NFC app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


Order Code: Description: Details: Provisioning:
SYN1SET  Supervision and energy management software.  Installation on PC with server function and Windows OS. Customisation, measurement, monitoring and control via web by sending e-mail notifications or FTP file. Monitoring of one Lovato device included. Permanent licence purchasing.
SYN1SLL  Synergy licence for Lovato device.  Monitoring function for each Lovato device equipped by MODBUS-RTU communication port. Permanent licence for single device.
SYN1SLX  Synergy licence for third party devices.  Monitoring function for each third party device equipped by MODBUS-RTU communication port. Permanent licence for single device.
SYN1SDLWS  Licence to access Synergy database.  Access function by WEB API to Synergy MS SQL database by third party software. Permanent licence for single device.
SYN1SLM  Licence to access Synergy updates.  Access to Synergy updates (e.g. compliant with new operating systems and new Synergy features for each Lovato or third party device. Annual subscription licence for single device.
Technical Support
SYN1SCS00  Synergy technical support.  Synergy technical support by phone or team viewer. Hourly rate.
SYN1SCS11  Synergy on-site commissioning.  On site Synergy technical support: check on field devices configuration; SYN1 SET setup on customer PC; check of exchanging data between Synergy and on field devices; Synergy configuration based on customer needs; travel costs and labour hours to set up Synergy and on field devices. On site cost.
SYN1SCSDRV  Interface driver development for third party devices.  Synergy support to develop the interface driver between Synergy and third party devices for a maximum of 5 measurements and feasibility study by Lovato technical support, (Tel. + 39 035 4282422; E-mail: service@LovatoElectric.com). Cost for each driver.
SYN1TRAINING  Synergy training sessions (basic and advanced courses).  Introduction to energy management topics. Measurement devices: range and selection criteria with case studies, Synergy software key features for monitoring and supervision: architecture and access, channels, tools, graphs, data logs, pages and access criteria. Practical exercises. For further information visit EVENTS section on www.LovatoElectric.com To be confirmed.


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