DCRG Series Power Factor Control

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Lovato DCRG Series Power Factor Control


Lovato DCRG Series Automatic Power Factor Control For Power Quality Applications.

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The DCRG automatic power factor controller satisfies the technical requirements of modern electrical systems in industry. It is designed to satisfy them, with the option of extending its functionality by using specific EXP series expansion modules. Mention should also be made of the optical communication port as standard, for programming the controller, diagnostics and data download. The backlit graphic LCD facilitates data reading even in poor lighting conditions and permits the display of system information clearly and intuitively.

  • Main Features:
    – 128×80 pixel backlit graphic LCD display with texts in ten languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Czech, Polish, Russian, Portuguese and one customisable.
    – Connection in single and three phase lines as well as three phase lines with neutral control and co-generation systems (four quadrant).
    – Capacitive reactive power factor correction (DCRG 8IND).
    – Independent power factor correction for each individual phase (SPPFC).
    – Use with medium voltage lines with VTs.
    – Capability for correct operation even in systems characterised by high harmonic content.
    – Drastic reduction in the number of switching operations.
    – Balanced use of steps with same power rating.
    – Measurement of reactive power installed for each step.
    – Recording of the number of connections for each step.
    – Capacitor over current protection on all three stages.
    – Panel over temperature protection via internal sensor and external sensor.
    – Accurate micro breaking protection.
    – Current and voltage harmonic analysis.
    – Quick CT programming function.
    – USB (CX01) and Wi-Fi (CX02) communication port for PC, smartphone and tablet connection.
    – Modbus-RTU TCP and ASCII communication protocol.
    – Compatible with Synergy supervision software, Express remote control and configuration software and with the sam1 application for android/iOS.
    – Sending and reception of SMSs, sending of emails, with alarm diagnosis and data files, FTP client function (EXP1012 and EXC M3G01).


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– voltage measurement circuit:
• auxiliary supply voltage: 100…415VAC
• rated frequency: 50/60Hz (±10%)
– current measurement circuit:
• single- and three-phase input
• rated current: 5A (1A programmable)
– measurements and control:
• power factor adjustment: 0.5ind….0.5cap.
• voltage measurement range: 50…720VAC
• current measurement range: 0.025…6A
• temperature measurement range: -30…+85°C
• capacitor overload current measurement range: 0…250%
• type of voltage and current measurement: true root mean square (TRMS).
– relay outputs:
• 7 each with NO contact and the last as changeover.
• rated current: 5A 250VAC AC1.
– flush-mount housing (144x144mm / 5.67×5.67”).
– IEC degree of protection: IP65 on front; IP20 on terminals.


Order Code Description
DCRG8  8 steps, expandable up to 24 steps, 100…440VAC.
DCRG8IND  8 steps, expandable up to 24 steps, 100…440VAC, for capacitive reactive power factor correction.
NTC01  Accessory, remote temperature sensor, length 3m.
EXP1006  Expansion Module Accessory, 2 relay outputs to number of power factor correction steps.
EXP1007  Expansion Module Accessory, 3 relay outputs to increase number of power factor correction steps.
EXP1000  Expansion Module Accessory, 4 opto-isolated digital inputs.
EXP1001  Expansion Module Accessory, 4 opto-isolated static outputs to increase number of static steps.
EXP1002  Expansion Module Accessory, 2 digital inputs and 2 opto-isolated static outputs.
EXP1003  Expansion Module Accessory, 2 relay outputs 5A 250VAC.
EXP1004  Expansion Module Accessory, 2 PT100 opto-isolated analogue inputs, either 0.4…20mA, 0…10V or 0…+/-5V.
EXP1005  Expansion Module Accessory, 2 opto-isolated analogue inputs, either 0.4…20mA, 0…10V or 0…+/-5V.
EXP1008  Expansion Module Accessory, 2 opto-isolated digital inputs and 2 relay outputs 5A 250VAC.
EXP1016  Expansion Module Accessory, capacitor protection with 2 inputs for temperature measurement with NTC sensors and 2 three-phase measurement inputs.
EXP1010  Expansion Module Accessory, opto-isolated USB interface.
EXP1011  Expansion Module Accessory, opto-isolated RS232 interface.
EXP1012  Expansion Module Accessory, opto-isolated RS485 interface.
EXP1013  Expansion Module Accessory, opto-isolated ETHERNET interface with web server function.
EXP1014  Expansion Module Accessory, opto-isolated Profibus-DP interface.
EXP1030  Expansion Module Accessory, data memory, calendar-clock with backup reserve energy for data logging.

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