DCRL Series Power Factor Control

Lovato Electric

Lovato DCRL Series Power Factor Control


Lovato DCRL Series Automatic Power Factor Control For Power Quality Applications.

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The DCRL Series was developed with advanced functionality and produced with a dedicated ultra-compact housing. It combines modern front design with practical mounting and expandability (EXP… modules).

  • Main Features:

– Backlit icon LCD with excellent information display.
– Alarm codes with scrolling texts, programmable in 6 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese).
– Connection in single or three phase lines and co-generation systems with 4-quadrant operation.
– Voltage measurement input independent of supply and which can be used in medium-voltage lines with VTs.
– Drastic reduction in the number of switching operations.
– Balanced use of steps with same power rating.
– Measurement of reactive power installed for each step.
– Capacitor over current protection.
– Panel over temperature protection via internal sensor.
– Accurate micro-breaking protection.
– Vast choice of measurements available, including voltage and current THD with single harmonic analysis up to the 15th order.
– Wide voltage measurement range.
– High accuracy of true root mean square (TRMS) measurements.
– Front optical USB (CX 01) and Wi-Fi (CX 02) communication port for PC, smartphone and tablet connection.
– Compatible with ETHERNET communication modules EXP1013 (only for DCRL 8).
– Compatible with Synergy supervision software, Express remote control and configuration software and with the sam1 application for android/iOS.
– Customisation with label on front (only for DCRL 8).


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Auxiliary supply voltage: 100…440VAC.
– Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz +/- 10%.
– 600VAC L-L (346VAC L-N) voltage input, 45-65Hz.
– Current measurement input: single-phase connection, rated current = 1A or 5A, configurable.
– Voltage Measurements and Control: power factor adjustment = 0.5ind…0.5cap, voltage measurement range = 50…720VAC L-L, 50-415VAC L-N.
– Current Measurements and Control: range = 0.025…6A for 5A full scale, true root mean square measurements (TRMS).
– Relay Outputs (steps): DCRL 3 – 3 outputs, DCRL 5 – 5 outputs, DCRL 8 – 8 outputs, contact arrangement – NO, the last is a changeover, rated current = 5A 250VAC AC1.
– Flush mount housing: DCRL 3, DCRL 5 (96 x 96mm), DCRL 8 (144 x 144mm).
– IEC degree of protection: DCRL 3, DCRL 5 IP54 and DCRL 8 IP65 on front, IP20 on terminals for all.


Order Code Description
DCRL3  3 steps, expandable up to 6 steps, 100…440VAC.
DCRL5  5 steps, expandable up to 8 steps, 100…440VAC.
DCRL8  8 steps, expandable up to 14 steps, 100…440VAC.
EXP8000  Plastic insert customisation label (DCRL8 only) accessory.
EXP1006  Expansion Module Accessory, 2 relay outputs to increase number of power factor correction steps.
EXP1007  Expansion Module Accessory, 3 relay outputs to increase number of power factor correction steps.
EXP1003  Expansion Module Accessory, 2 relay outputs 5A 250VAC.
EXP1010  Expansion Module Accessory, Opto-isolated USB interface.
EXP1011  Expansion Module Accessory, Opto-isolated RS232 interface.
EXP1012  Expansion Module Accessory, Opto-isolated RS485 interface.
EXP1013  Expansion Module Accessory, Opto-isolated ETHERNET interface (DCRL8 only).

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