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Lovato DCRL & DCRG Power Factor Control Accessories


Lovato DCRG & DCRL Series Power Factor Control Accessories For Power Quality Applications.

Communication and connection devices to connect the DCRL and DCRG power factor controllers to personal computers, smartphones and tablets.

CX 01
This USB/optical connector, complete with cable, permits connection of the power factor controller with a PC without needing to disconnect the electrical panel supply, in order to:
– program parameters
– copy the settings to external units
– download data and events
– carry out diagnostics
– update the firmware.
The PC identifies the connection as a standard USB.

CX 02
Via Wi-Fi connection, the power factor controllers can be viewed from PCs, smartphones and tablets without having to connect cables, in order to:
– program parameters
– download data and events
– carry out diagnosis and cloning of the device.

For dimensions, wiring diagrams and technical characteristics, consult the manuals available online in the Download section of the following website: www.LovatoElectric.com


Order Code Description
CX01  Connection cable, PC to DCRL/DCRG, with optical USB connector for programming, data download, diagnostics and updating firmware.
CX02  Wi-Fi connection device for PC to DCRL/DCRG, for downloading data, programming diagnostics and cloning.
51C2  Connection cable, PC to DCRL/DCRG + EXP1011, length 1.8m.
51C4  Connection cable, PC to converter 4PX1, length 1.8m.
51C5  Connection cable, DCRL/DCRG + EXP1011 to modem, length 1.8m.
51C6  Connection cable, DCRL/DCRG + EXP1011 to converter 4PX1, length 1.8m.
51C9  Connection cable, PC to modem, length 1.8m.
EXCCON01  RS485/Ethernet converter, 12…48VDC, including DIN rail fixing kit.
4PX1  RS232/RS485 converter, galvanically isolated, supply 220…240VAC (or 110…120VAC).
EXCM3G01  RS485 Gateway/3G modem, 9.5…27VAC / 9.5…35VDC, including antenna and programming cable.

(Please see attached PDF’s for further information)