ATL600/610 Automatic Transfer Switch

Lovato Electric

Lovato ATL600/610 Automatic Transfer Switch


Lovato ATL600/610 Automatic Transfer Switch for 2 Supply Lines.

The automatic transfer switch controllers ATL 600 (non-expandable) / ATL 610 (expandable with EXP… expansion modules)  are used for the automatic or manual switching of the load from the MAIN LINE to a stand-by or emergency SECONDARY LINE and vice-versa. They have two outputs for the “automatic” and/or “manual” control of contactors or motorised circuit breakers and switches.

The Lovato ATL600/610 is available with a range of expansion modules and accessories; click here to view all available Lovato expansion modules and accessories.


Operational Characteristics:

– Auxiliary supply
• auxiliary supply voltage: 110…240VAC 12/24VDC only for ATL 610.
• operating range: 90…264VAC; 9…36VDC only for ATL 610.
– Voltage measurement inputs
• rated voltage Ue: 100…480VAC (L-L).
• measuring range: 50…576VAC (L-L).
• frequency range: 45…65Hz..
– Programmable digital inputs
• negative inputs.
– Programmable relay outputs
• 5 each with 1 normally open contact (NO – SPST) rated 8A 250VAC.
• 2 each with 1 changeover contact (NO/NC – SPDT) rated 8A 250VAC.
– Enclosure
• flush-mount housing: 144x144mm/5.7×5.7”.
• protection rating: IP40 on front; IP65 optional with seal EXP80 01; IP20 at rear.


General Characteristics:

– Supply Input
• single in AC for ATL600.
• dual in AC and DC for ATL610.
– Measurement inputs for three phase + neutral voltage values; also suitable for 1 and 2 phase lines.
– 128×90 backlit graphic LCD to display measurements, events and alarms in 5 languages (English, Italian, French, Spanish and German).
– 2 status indication LEDs
– 6 programmable digital inputs.
– 7 programmable relay outputs.
– Viewing of L-L and L-N voltage values of the controlled lines.
– Status viewing of contactor or motorised circuit breakers.
– Configuration programming of lines, control and supervision parameters for emergency demand of generating set.
– Event logging.
– Microprocessor supervision of functions; including virtual real time clock for ATL610.
– Communication interface via front optical port woth CX01 or CX02 dongle using USB or Wi-Fi.
– Modbus-RTU, ASCII and TCP communication protocol.


Control Functions of the Lines:
– Phase sequence and phase loss.
– Minimum and maximum voltage.
– Voltage asymmetry.
– Minimum and maximum frequency.


Order Code Description
ATL600  Non-expandable, transfer switch controller, automatic with optical port for 2-line control (144x144mm / 5.7×7.7″), 110…240VAC supply, 0.600kg.
ATL610  Expandable with EXP… modules, transfer switch controller, automatic with optical port for 2-line control (144x144mm / 5.7×5.7″), 110…240VAC supply and 12/24VDC, 0.680kg.

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