ATL800 Automatic Transfer Switch

Lovato Electric

Lovato ATL800 Automatic Transfer Switch


Lovato ATL800 Automatic Transfer Switch for 2 Supply Lines.

The automatic transfer switch controller ATL800 is used for the automatic or manual switching of the load between two lines in accordance with the selected switching logic. It has outputs for the “automatic” and/or “manual” control of contactors or motorised circuit breakers and switches. It can also manage a third control device as tie breaker or non-priority load management. the layout and system status are displayed directly on the graphic LCD.

The Lovato ATL800 is available with a range of expansion modules and accessories; click here to view all available Lovato expansion modules and accessories.


Operational Characteristics:

– Auxiliary supply
• auxiliary supply voltage: 110…240VAC, 12/24/48VDC.
– Voltage measurement inputs
• rated voltage Ue: 100…600VAC (L-L).
• frequency range: 45…65Hz.
– Programmable digital inputs
• negative inputs.
– Programmable relay outputs
• 2 each with 1 normally open contact (NO – SPST) rated 12A 250VAC.
• 2 each with 1 normally open contact (NO/NC – SPST) rated 8A 250VAC.
• 3 each with 1 changeover contact (NO/NC-SPDT) 8A 250VAC.
– Enclosure
• flush-mount housing: 180x240mm.
• protection rating: IP65 on front; IP20 on back.


General Characteristics:

– AC and DC supply inputs.
– Measurement inputs for three phase + neutral voltage values; also suitable for 1 and 2 phase lines.
– 128×80 backlit graphic LCD to display measurements, events and alarms in 8 languages (English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish and Russian).
– Active operating mode indicator LED.
– Viewing of L-L and L-N voltage values of the controlled lines.
– Status viewing of contactors or motorised circuit breakers both via display and LED.
– 6 system layouts available.
– Management of a tie breaker.
– 8 programmable digital inputs.
– 7 programmable relay outputs.
– Configuration programming of lines, type of source (line/generator), control and supervision parameters for emergency demand of generating set.
– Possibility of transferring load with closed transition and spontaneous or controlled genset synchronisation.
– Non-priority load management.
– Built-in programmable PLC logic.
– Built-in RS485 communication.
– Event logging.
– Virtual calendar clock (RTC).
– Communication interface via front optical port with CX01 or CX02 dongle using USB or Wi-Fi.
– Parameter programming via NFC technology and the NFC App.
– Modbus-RTU, ASCII and TCP communication protocol.


Control Functions of the Lines:
– Phase sequence and phase loss.
– Minimum and maximum voltage.
– Voltage asymmetry.
– Minimum and maximum frequency.


Order Code Description
ATL800  Automatic transfer switch controller with optical port and NFC for controlling 2 lines and 1 tie breaker, 110…240VAC supply and 12/24/48VDC, expandable with EXP… series expansion modules.

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