Alarm Status Relay Unit

Lovato Electric

Lovato RGKRR Alarm Status Relay Unit


Lovato RGKRR Alarm Status Relay Unit for Industrial Engine, Generator and ATS Control Applications

The Lovato RGKRR Alarm Status Relay Unit is an external relay expansion unit for alarm and status remoting. The unit can be mounted on 35mm DIN rail (IEC/EN 60715) and can communicate with RGK… controllers via CANbus or pulse inputs.


  • Operational Characteristics:

– 12 relay outputs of which 5 with changeover (SPDT) contact rated 5A 250VAC / B300 and 7 N/O (SPST) contact rated 2.5A 250VAC /C300.
– 12/24VDC power supply.
– Up to 2 RGKRR units can be connected in cascade for a total of 24 relays.
– Maximum installation distance from the RGK6… and RGK700… RGK900 controllers: CANbus = 30m/33yd (high speed); Inputs/Outputs = 1000m/1094yd (low speed).
– Conductor cross section: 0.2…2.5mm^2 (24…12 AWG).
– Tightening Torque: 0.56Nm/4.5lbin.


Order Code Description
RGKRR  Remote unit for alarms/status, 12/24VDC, 12 relay outputs, pulse input, CANbus communication port, 0.420kg.

(Please see attached PDF’s for further information)