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Bayham Liquid Level Gauges

Bayham Liquid Level Gauge for Industrial Process Control Applications

The Bayham range of Liquid Level Gauges are all precision built instruments for industrial, oil & gas, mining, marine and railway applications. Typical uses include: road fuel tankers, locomotive fuel, water, effluent, and radiator tanks, fuel tanks for stationary engines, marine fuel, water and ballast tanks, lube oil tanks, bitumen tanks, waste water tanks, LPG and CO2 tanks. As all Bayham level controls are built to order for specific applications and tank dimensions, the following information is of a general nature only and more detailed specifications can be provided upon request.


General Characteristics:

– Direct Reading Contents Gauges:
• Dial sizes from 50mm to 250mm, calibrated to customer specifications.
• Reliable direct reading gauges for use in most liquids including water, oil, paints, resins, tar, chemicals, etc.
• Special models for LPG and CO2.
• Lloyd’s approved.


– Baydee & Minidee Liquid Level Gauges with Switches:
• Gauge switches that offer gauging with pump control and/or level alarm contacts on a single mounting flange.
• Dial sizes from 50mm to 250mm, calibrated to customer specifications.
• Up to 4 switching levels adjustable over working range.
• Can be connected to IS relays for use in hazardous areas.
• Lloyd’s approved.


– Baysend Remote Reading Tank Gauges:
• Remote reading gauges available with local dial at tank and 4-20mA or 0-20mA output for remote indication:
• Alarm, pump control, and mute modules are available and analogue or digital remote indicators calibrated to customers specifications.
• All modules can be used with IS barriers.
• Lloyd’s approved.


– Series 2000 – 2010 -2020:
• A range of switches for side or top mounting on tank.
• With up to two pairs of factory set contacts for alarm or pump control.
• Compact design with 4 stud flange.
• Lloyd’s approved.


– Capacitance Gauges and Switches, Conductivity Switches.
• Capella – transgauge.
• A quality range of capacitance tank contents gauges with optional switching modules.
• Excellent stability and accuracy over wide variations in temperature and humidity.
• Transcap – Capacitance level switches in PTFE and/or stainless steel.
• Transcon – Low cost level control for any conductive liquid. With 4 switching levels available and all parts in contact with liquid in PTFE, nylon and stainless steel.


– Transend Remote Reading Tank Gauges:
• Transducer based sensor for use in a wide variety of liquids.
• A compact package set of remote reading and alarm/pump control equipment for non-pressurised tanks.
• Tank unit with screwed or flanged connection.


(Please see attached PDF’s for further information)