CLM-36 Capacitance Level Meter

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Dinel CLM-36 Capacitance Level Meter

Dinel CLM-36 Capacitance Level Meter for Industrial Process Control Applications

The Dinel CLM-36 Capacitance Level Meter range uses the dielectric constant of the material being controlled to calculate the level. Capacitance level meters are versatile, capable of continuously measuring either liquids or solids and are highly accurate, even in turbulent conditions.

See link for range of compatible supply and relay modules.


General Characteristics:

– Suitable for continuous level measurement of liquids and solids.
– Choice of electrodes for conductive and non-conductive media.
– Rope versions with length up to 20m.
– Suitable for most liquids and solids, including: oil, diesel, petrol, cement and sand, etc.
– Local and remote display units available.
– Hazardous area versions available.
– Power supply / relay output units available.
– Operating voltage: 16-36VDC.
– Output: 4-20mA (0-10V option).
– Sensitivity adjustment: Dip switches.
– Span and zero adjustment: By independent trimmer.
– Cable entry: DIN connector.
– Max working pressure: 3Mpa (1Mpa > 40℃).
– Working temp: -40 to +85℃ (up to 200℃ with high temperature option).
– Construction: Stainless steel housing and electrode, PTFE coating on coated electrodes.
– Protection degree: IP67.
– Weight: 0.5kg (excluding electrode).
– Process connection: G1″ (G1½” for 2 rod version).


(**** = electrode length in 10mm increments)
Order Code Description Output Type
DINCLM36N10GIE****  Uncoated electrode for for non-conducting liquids and solids, max length 5m. 4-20mA
DINCLM36N10GUE**** 0-10V
DINCLM36N12GIE****  Fully coated electrode for conducting liquids, max length 3m. 4-20mA
DINCLM36N12GUE**** 0-10V
DINCLM36N20GIE****  Uncoated electrode for non-conducting liquids, with reference tube for irregular shaped tanks, max length 3m. 4-20mA
DINCLM36N20GUE****  0-10V
DINCLM36N22GIE****  Fully coated electrode for conducting liquids, with reference tube for irregular shaped tanks, max length 3m. 0-10V
DINCLM36N22GUE**** 4-20mA
DINCLM36N30GIE****  Uncoated rope electrode for solids, max length, max length 20m. 4-20mA
DINCLM36N30GUE**** 0-10V
DINCLM36N31GIE****  Uncoated rope electrode for solids with weight suitable for anchoring to silo floor, max length 20m. 4-20mA
DINCLM36N31GUEE**** 0-10V
DINCLM36N32GIE****  Fully coated rope electrode for conducting and non-conducting liquids, not suitable for turbulence or flowing applications, max length 20m. 4-20mA
DINCLM36N32GUE**** 0-10V
DINCLM36N40GIE****  Twin coated electrodes for aggressive liquids, max length 2m. 4-20mA
DINCLM36N40GUE**** 0-10V

(Please see attached PDF’s for further information)