DTE Multi-Channel Temperature Controllers


Delta DTE Multi-Channel Temperature Controllers

Delta DTE Multi-Channel Modular Temperature Controllers for Industrial Process Control Applications

The Delta DTE Multi-Channel Temperature Controllers are Delta’s line of modular temperature controllers and are a versatile solution to various industrial applications including precision temperature control in heating or cooling systems. The DTE temperature controllers are capable of supporting up to 7 DTC2000 extension units resulting in a total of 15 channels and are able to monitor up to 8 temperature points.


General Characteristics:

– PID, on/off, manual control or programmable PID control.
– Auto-tuning PID.
– Programmable control gives up to 64 temperature and time settings.
– RS-485.
– Universal sensor inputs.
– Choice of 4 output types.
– DIN rail mounting.
– Modular configuration allows monitoring of up to 8 temperature points.
– Supports up to 7 DTC2000 extension units to give total 15 channels.
– 2 groups of alarm switches with 12 alarm modes.
– Setting and recording by DTCCOM software.
– Supply voltage: 24VDC ±10%.
– Power consumption: 10VA + 3VA x number of DTC2000 extension modules.
– Sampling rate: 1sec on all inputs.
– Sensor type:
• Thermocouple – K, J, T, E, N, R, S, B, L, U, Txk.
• 3 Wire platinum RTD – Pt100, JPt100.
• Analogue input – 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-50mA.
– Control mode: PID, programmable PID, on/off, manual.
– Outputs:
• Relay – SPST, AC15 250VAC 3A.
• Voltage pulse – 24VDC 40mA.
• Current – 4 to 20mA (max 500Ω).
• Analogue voltage – 0-10V (load > 1000Ω).
– Alarm outputs: 2 groups.
– Communication: RS-485 optional (2,400-115,200bps), Modbus ASCII/RTU.
– Ambient temp range: 0 to 50℃.


Order Code Input Output Weight (kg)
MPU (required)
DEVDTE10T  CH1-4 Thermocouple 0.32
DEVDTE10P  CH1-4 RTD 0.32
Display and Setting Extension Module
DEVDTE20S 0.09
Input Extension Card
DEVDTE20T  CH-5 Thermocouple 0.09
DEVDTE20P  CH5-8 RTD 0.09
DEVDTE20D  CH1-8 EVENT function. 0.09
DEVDTE2CT  4CH CT input 0.09
Output Extension Card
DEVDTE20R  4CH relay 0.09
DEVDTE20V  4CH voltage pulse 0.09
DEVDTE20L  4CH analogue voltage 0.09
DEVDTE20C  4CH current 0.09

Note additional expansion modules from DTC2000 range can also be added up to a maximum of 7 modules.


(Please see attached PDF’s for further information)