Level Control Electrodes

Lovato Electric

Lovato Level Control Electrodes

Lovato Level Control Electrodes for use with Lovato Level Control Relays

The Lovato Level Control Electrodes can be combined with compatible relays for level control and switching applications.


General Characteristics:

– SN1 Single Pole Electrode:
A single pole electrode used for level control in wells or storage tanks. It comprises an AISI 303 stainless steel probe, a plastic (PPOX) holder and a cable gland. A seal ring and the tightening of the cable gland PG7 prevent water from entering the cable terminal connector and causing its oxidation.
• Cable connection: Screw.
• The external cable diameter must be 2.5mm to 6mm to warrant perfect sealing.
• Maximum connection cable section: 2.5mm2.
• Maximum operating temperature: +60℃.
• Application: Tanks and deep wells.


– SCM Electrode:
A single pole electrode used for level control on boilers, autoclaves and in general where pressure ( 10 bar maximum) and high temperature (+100℃ maximum) are present. It comprises an AISI 303 stainless steel probe embedded in an alumina oxide body and a 3/8″ GAS threaded metal support holder.
• Cable connection: Threaded rod with nut.
• Application: Tanks, pressurised tanks and boilers.


– CGL 125… Electrode:
A single pole electrode with AISI 302 probe, used for level control on boilers and autoclaves and in general wherever pressure is up to 10 bar maximum.
• Maximum operating temperature: +180℃.
• 3/2″ GAS threaded terminal.
• Cable connection: threaded rod with nut.
• Application: Tanks, pressurised tanks and boilers.


– PS31 Electrode:
A small electrode holder, complete with three AISI 304 stainless steel probes. Particularly suited to small containers whenever pressure is maximum up to 2 bar.
• Maximum operating temperature: +70℃.
• 1/2 GAS threaded coupling.
• Faston termination; relative lugs standard supplied.
• Application: Tanks and automatic dispensers.


– PS3S Electrode Holder:
A thermoset resin electrode holder to be used with three probes (rods probes to be ordered separately) and complete with terminal cover.
• Maximum operating temperature: +100℃.
• 2″ GAS threaded coupling.
• Cable connection: Screw.
• Application: Tanks.


– Rod Probes:
Stainless steel AISI 304 probes with 4M or 6M threaded extremity suitable as extensions for SCM electrode or as rod probe for PS3S holder.


Order Code Description
Single Pole Electrodes:
11SN1  10mm rod probe included, 0.050kg.
31SCM04  43mm rod probe included, 0.060kg.
31SCM50  500mm rod probe included, 0.115kg.
31SCM100  1000mm rod probe included, 0.162kg.
31CGL1253  327mm rod probe included, 0.126kg.
31CGL1255  500mm rod probe included, 0.158kg.
31CGL1257  700mm rod probe included, 0.208kg.
31CGL12510  1000mm rod probe included, 0.281kg.
Three Pole Electrode:
31PS31  300mm rod probe included, 0.120kg.
Electrode Holder (for 3 rod probes):
31PS3S  No rod probes included, 0.184kg.
Rod Probes for SCM Electrodes:
31ASTA460MM4  460mm, 0.053kg.
31ASTA960MM4  960mm, 0.103kg.
Rod Probes for PS3S Electrode Holder:
31ASTA460MM6  460mm, 0.100kg.
31ASTS960MM6  960mm, 0.210kg.
31RE213  Coupler unit for extension rod probe ASTA…MM4, 0.008kg.

(Please see attached PDF’s for further information)