LVFS Black Water Float Switch

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Lovato LVFS Black Water Float Switch


Lovato LVFS Black Water Float Switch

The Lovato LVFS Black Water Float Switch is used for the civil and industrial control of levels of black water, e.g. sewage or waste water from industry. The regulator comprises a one-piece external blow-moulded polypropylene casing, with a fixed internal counterweight located in the cable exit area. The regulator contact is positioned centrally in its own watertight chamber. This insulated from the external casing by injecting closed-cell foam. This solution further increases protection against moisture leakage and heat insulates the watertight chamber housing the contact, eliminating the formation of condensation.


General Characteristics:

– Activation angle: -15 to +15.
– Internal counterweight.
– Float casing material: polypropylene.
– Cable H07 RN-F3X1 (Neoprene) available in lengths of 5, 10, 15 and 20m.
– Rated cable diameter: 9mm.
– Relay with changeover contact 10(4)A 250VAC 50/60Hz.
– Maximum installation depth: 50m.
– Maximum pressure: 5 Bar.
– Maximum operating temperature: +50C.
– Maximum storage temperature: +70C.
– Protection rating: IP68.
– Insulation class: II.



Order Code Description
LVFSN1B05  Neoprene 5m long cable, 1.250kg.
LVFSN1B10  Neoprene 10m long cable, 1.860kg.
LVFSN1B15  Neoprene 15m long cable, 2.460kg.
LVFSN1B20  Neoprene 20m long cable, 3.060kg.

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