EP66 Variable Speed Drive


EP66 High Performance Sensorless Vector Drive for Harsh Environments

  • IP66 Enclosure suitable for installation in damp, high humidity
  • and dusty environments.
  • Power Range 0.75kw to 90kw 415V 3ph
  • Optional Front Panel Mounted Isolator
  • Built in EMC filter C3 (2nd environment). C-Tick approved.
  • Variable or constant torque applications.
  • V/F or sensorless vector control with autotuning.
  • Speed or torque control modes.
  • Suitable for permanent magnet synchronous motors.
  • 150% overload for 60 sec.
  • Starting torque 150% at 0.5Hz.
  • Operating temperature up to +50 °C without de-rating.
  • Removable 4 line LCD display.
  • Emergency Fire Mode for HVAC applications.
  • RS-485 MODBUS.
  • Built in brake chopper on 415V 3ph units 0.4kW to 15kW.
  • Optional brake chopper above 15kW and on 1ph models
  • C-Tick- compliant EMC filter: built in for second environment
    Order Code Rated Motor Size Rated Output Current Rated Input Current
    30EP660007T3104 0.75kw 2A 4.1A
    30EP660015T3104 1.5kw 4A 6.9A
    30EP660022T3104 2.2kw 6.5A 9.6A
    30EP660030T3104 3.0kw 7A 10.2A
    30EP660040T3104 4.0kw 9A 13.6A
    30EP660055T3104 5.5kw 12A 18.8A
    30EP660075T3104 7.5kw 17A 22.1A
    30EP660110T3104 11kw 23A 30.9A
    30EP660150T3104 15kw 32A 52A
    30EP660185T3104 18.5kw 38A 61A
    30EP660220T3104 22kw 44A 70A
    30EP660300T3104 30kw 60A 95A
    30EP660300T3104 37kw 75A 118A
    30EP660450T3104 45kw 90A 141A
    30EP660550T3104 55kw 110A 172A
    30EP660750T3104 75kw 150A 234A
    30EP660900T3104 90kw 180A 280A