Delta MS300 Series Compact Variable Speed Drive


Delta MS300 Series Compact Variable Speed Drive


Delta MS300 Series High Performance Compact Variable Speed Drive for Multi-Motor Control

The MS300 series of compact variable speed drives are designed for efficiency while still maintaining a high performance consistent with previous models. In addition to the size being reduced by approx 40% compared to previous versions, the MS300 comes with useful built in functions, including: PLC, USB port, STO function, RS-485 modbus, and a communication slot for various optional communication cards that can be selected to suit specific applications and requirements. The MS300 supports IM as well as PM motors and can simultaneously host four independent induction motor control parameter sets; in comparison traditional drives can only support the control parameters of a single motor at a time.


  • Operational Characteristics:
– Supports open loop control of IM and PM motors.
– Output Frequency: 0-1500Hz (High speed version) (v/f control) , 0-599Hz (standard version).
– Dual Rating Design: 120% for 60 seconds for Normal Duty (ND), 150% for 60 seconds for Heavy Duty (HD).
– Built in PLC capacity with 2K steps capacity.
– Built in brake chopper for entire series.
– Removable 5 digit LED keypad for remote operation.
– Safety Standard Compliance: Safe Torque Off (SIL2/PLd).
– Compact design/housing and supports side by side installation.
– Multi-Motor Control: Supports 4 build in independent induction motor control parameter sets.
– Optional built-in Class A (C2) standard EMC filter for 1-phase 230V, 3-phase 460V models.
– One high speed pulse input terminals MI7 built-in with max speed up to 33kHz.
– One high speed pulse output terminals DFM built-in with max speed up to 33kHz.
– PCB coating for circuit and thermal design suitable for harsh environment applications (IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2).
– One Built-in I/O Communication Card Slot: CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, MODBUS TCP, EtherNet/IP.
– Suitable for dynamic loading situations.
– Built in RS-485 (modbus).
– Built in EMC filter version available.
– Up to 22kW applicable motor output (3-phase 460V).
– Built in STO (state torque off) function, compliance with –  EN ISO 13849-1 Cat3/PLd, EN 61508 SIL2, EN 60204-1 Category 0, EN 62061 SIL CL 2.
– Protection: IP 20/40.
– Temp Rating (degrees Celsius): -20 to +50 (indoor version), -20 to +40 (IP40 version).
– Compliance: Installation Location – IEC60364-1 / IEC60664-1 Pollution degree 2, Indoor use only; Pollution level – IEC60721-3-3, 3C2; Vibration – IEC60068-2-6; Shock – IEC/EN 60068-2-27.
– Certifications: UL, CE, RoHS, RCM, TUV, REACH.
– Applications: Machine tools, textile machines, woodworking machines, packaging machines, electronics, fans, pumps, air compressors.


Order Code:Description:
VFD1A6MS21AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 0.18KW 240 VOLT 1PH IN/ 240 VOLT 3PH OUT Frame B.
VFD2A8MS21AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 0.37KW 240 VOLT 1PH IN/ 240 VOLT 3PH OUT Frame B.
VFD4A8MS21AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 0.75KW 240 VOLT 1PH IN/ 240 VOLT 3PH OUT Frame B.
VFD7A5MS21AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 1.5KW 240 VOLT 1PH IN/ 240 VOLT 3PH OUT Frame C.
VFD11AMS21AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 2.2KW 240 VOLT 1PH IN/ 240 VOLT 3PH OUT Frame C.
VFD1A5MS43AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 0.37KW 415 VOLT 3PH/3PH Frame B.
VFD2A7MS43AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 0.75KW 415 VOLT 3PH/3PH Frame B.
VFD4A2MS43AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 1.5KW 415 VOLT 3PH/3PH Frame B.
VFD5A5MS43AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 2.2KW 415 VOLT 3PH/3PH Frame C.
VFD9A0MS43AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 3.7KW 415 VOLT 3PH/3PH Frame C.
VFD13AMS43AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 5.5KW 415 VOLT 3PH/3PH Frame D.
VFD17AMS43AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 7.5KW 415 VOLT 3PH/3PH Frame D.
VFD25AMS43AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 11KW 415 VOLT 3PH/3PH Frame E.
VFD32AMS43AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 15KW 415 VOLT 3PH/3PH Frame E.
VFD38AMS43AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 18.5KW 415 VOLT 3PH/3PH Frame F.
VFD45AMS43AFSAA Variable Speed Drive MS300 22KW 415 VOLT 3PH/3PH Frame F.
CMM-DN01 Option Card DeviceNet MS/MH300.
CMM-EIP01 Option Card EtherNet IP MS/MH300.
CMM-PD01 Option Card ProfiBus MS/MH300.
CMM-MOD01 Option Card Modbus TCP MS/MH300.
CMM-COP01 Option Card CANopen MS/MH300.
CMM-EC01 Option Card EtherCAT MS/MH300.
EMM-BPS01 Option Card Back-up power supply 24VDC MS/MH300.
EMM-D33A Option Card Didital I/O 3 in/3 out MS/MH300.
EMM-A22A Option Card Analogue I/O 2 in/2 out MS/MH300.
EMM-R2CA Option Card Relay 2 x SPDT MS/MH300.
EMM-R3AA Option Card Relay 3 x SPST MS/MH300.
EMM-PG01O Option Card PG (A,B,Z) open collector output MS/MH300.
EMM-PG01L Option Card PG (A,B,Z) line driver output MS/MH300.
EMM-PG01R Option Card PG Resolver MS/MH300.
MKM-DRB Mounting Kit DIN Rail Frame B MS/MH300.
MKM-DRC Mounting Kit DIN Rail Frame C MS/MH300.
MKM-EPB Earthing Plate Kit Frame B MS/MH300.
MKM-EPC Earthing Plate Kit Frame C MS/MH300.
MKM-EPD Earthing Plate Kit Frame D MS/MH300.
MKM-EPE Earthing Plate Kit Frame E MS/MH300.
MKM-EPF Earthing Plate Kit Frame F MS/MH300.
MKM-MAPB Mounting Plate Adaptor Kit Frame B MS/MH300.