Enclosure Heaters

Enclosure Heaters


Enclosure Heaters For Electrical Housing Applications.

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  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Available in 12 sizes from 15W to 750W.
– 230V 50/60Hz power supply.
– Operating temperature -45 to +70 degrees Celsius.
– DIN rail mounting.
– Thermal over current protection.


Order CodeHeater TypeHeating PowerDimensions (mm)Max CurrentWeight
17MPHT15PTC15W60 x 50 x 272.0A0.11kg
17MPHT25PTC25W70 x 50 x 272.0A0.12kg
17PHT030PTC30W128 x 70 x 592.0A0.41kg
17PHT050PTC50W138 x 70 x 592.0A0.44kg
17PHT100PTC100W188 x 70 x 594.0A0.59kg
17PHT150PTC150W228 x 70 x 596.0A0.72kg
17PFHT250Fan forced resistance250W152 x 80 x 1101.2A0.98kg
17PFHT500Fan forced resistance500W182 x 80 x 1102.4A1.2kg
17PFHT750Fan forced resistance750W232 x 80 x 1103.6A1.45kg

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