Lovato PSL1M Modular Switching Power Supply

Lovato Electric

PSL1M Modular Switching Power Supply

Loavto PSL1M Series. Modular switching power supply, single phase, DIN rail mounting.

The Lovato PSL1M Series Switching Power Supplies are compact, modular, DIN rail mounted power supplies suitable for single phase applications.


General Characteristics:

– Protections:
• Short circuit.
• Overload.
• Input voltage peaks.
– Indications:
• LED indicator for low voltage conditions.
• LED indicator for power on.
– Rated supply voltage: 100-240VAC.
– Rated output voltage: 12VDC for PSL1M… 12 types, 24VDC for PSL1M…24 types.
– Mains frequency: 50/60Hz.
– Output voltage adjustment by front potentiometer.
– High efficiency up to 89%.
– 35mm DIN rail (IEC/EN 60715) mounting.
– Screw connection terminals.
– Modular DIN 43880 housing, number of modules:
• 1 for PSL1M010…
• 2 for PSL1M024…
• 3 for PSL1M03312 and PSL1M03624.
• 4 for PSL1M05412 and PSL1M06024.
• 5 for PSL1M07212 and PSL1M10024.
– IEC degree of protection: IP20 on terminals.


Order Code Rated Output Voltage Rated Output Current Output Power Weight
PSL1M01012 12VDC 0.83A 10W 0.114
PSL1M02412 12VDC 2A 24W 0.177
PSL1M03312 12VDC 2.75A 33W 0.248
PSL1M05412 12VDC 4.5A 54W 0.311
PSL1M07212 12VDC 6A 72W 0.443
PSL1M01024 24VDC 0.42A 10W 0.114
PSL1M02424 24VDC 1A 24W 0.177
PSL1M03624 24VDC 1.5A 36W 0.248
PSL1M06024 24VDC 2.5A 60W 0.311
PSL1M10024 24VDC 4.2A 100W 0.443


(Please see attached PDF’s for further information)