LVM40 A024 , LVM40 A127 , LVM40 A240 , LVM A415

Operational characteristics
– Use with 5 sensing electrodes, MIN1, MAX1, MIN2, MAX2 and COM
– 2.5-200kOhm adjustable sensitivity
– Sensitivity adjustment: 25-50-100-200kOhm
– Separate sensitivity adjustment of MAX electrodes for foam detection
– Insensitivity to stray electrode-cable capacitance
– Programming selector for 5 different functions
– Double insulation between each supply, electrodes and output relay circuits
– Adjustable probe signal delay: 1-10s
– Adjustable pump start delay: 0-30min
– Green LED indicator for power on
– Red LED indicators for output relay and electrode state
– Modular DIN 43880 housing, 3 modules
– IEC degree of protection: IP40 on front (only when mounted in housing or electric board with IP40); IP20 on terminals.

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