Sirena Micro Series Motor Sirens

Sirena Micro Series Motor Sirens


Sirena Micro Series – Small Motor Driven Sirens for Indoor Industrial Signalling Applications

Small size electro-mechanical siren engineered for indoor industrial applications. Ideal choice for a variety of industrial applications; from general-purpose signalling to warning of impending dangers and hazards. The device, made up of an electric motor connected to an internal fan, generates a long high-pitched sound. The high frequency sound replicates typical features of a whistle, allowing recognition of this sound from users. Two sizes are available according to operating voltages & the device can be installed in either vertical and horizontal position, or alternatively flush mount.


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Small motor driven siren for indoor applications.
– Surface or panel mount versions (low voltage only).
– Double insulated.
– Voltage tolerance: +/- 10%.
– Protection Rating: IP42.
– Temp Rating: -30 to +40 degrees Celsius.
– Rating: Continuous.
– Cable Entry: Through base.
– Construction: Polycarbonate.


Order CodeDescription
SIR4001210 Micro W10 N – surface mounting, 12VDC, 1.1A, 1350Hz, 94dB@1m.
SIR4001220 Micro W10 N – surface mounting, 12VAC, 1.1A, 1350Hz, 94dB@1m.
SIR4002410 Micro W10 N – surface mounting, 24VDC, 650mA, 1500Hz, 96dB@1m.
SIR4002420 Micro W10 N – surface mounting, 24VAC, 650mA, 1500Hz, 96dB@1m.
SIR4001211 Micro W10 R – panel mounting, 12VDC, 1.1A, 1350Hz, 94dB@1m.
SIR4002411 Micro W10 R – panel mounting, 24VDC, 650mA, 1500Hz, 96dB@1m.
SIR4011020 Micro W10 AT – surface mounting, 110VAC, 130mA, 1000Hz, 93dB@1m.
SIR4024020 Micro W10 AT – surface mounting, 240VAC, 95mA, 1450Hz, 93dB@1m.


  • (please see linked PDF’s for further information)