LEDEO Aircraft Warning Lights – Low Intensity

Delta Box Aircraft Warning Lights


Delta Box LEDEO Low Intensity Type B Aircraft Warning Lights.

The Delta Box LEDEO Low Intensity Type B beacons are equipped with Led technology, allowing for the development of sturdier, watertight (IP68) and very low consumption lights with a long lifetime (100 000 hours). The LEDEO Low Intensity LED Systems are all certified and homologated by the Civil Aviation authority and can be installed on any obstacle up to 45M tall (Pylons, Civil Engineering Structures, Buildings, Cranes, Lighting Masts on Airports).

  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Steady light red LED beacon for aircraft obstruction warning on obstacles up to 45m high.
– Type B > 32Cd meets ICAO and CASA statdards for low intensity obstacle lights (note wher lighting is a mandatory requirement by CASA a twin fitting must be used).
– Light Source: Red LED’s.
– Light Intensity: 32Cd(p), 360 degrees horizontal, 10 degrees vertical.
– Wind Rating: 240km/h.
– Life time > 10 years.
– Low current consumption < 6W.
– Integrated photocell and alarm contact.
– Integrated lightning protection.
– Box mounting version allows light position adjustment.
– Protection Rating: IP68.
– Options Include: battery backup, solar and control options.
– Duty: Continuous.
– Temp Rating: -55 to +55 degrees Celsius.
– Cable Entry: 2m cable provided (2 x M20 entries on box version), M6 bolts (M8 screw for box version).
– Mounting Box Dimensions: 325 x 246 x 160mm.
– Construction: Aluminium body, polycarbonate lens with bird spike, zamak box.
  • Order Code Description
    29LBIB11AC  Single light type B, 24VDC, 200mA, 1.5kg.
    29LBIB11MC  Single light type B, 110-230VAC, 23mA, 1.5kg.
    29LBIB11AZ  Single light type B box mount, 24VDC, 210mA, 7kg.
    29LBIB11MZ  Single light type B box mount, 240VAC, 23mA, 7kg.
    29LBIBTWB  Twin light type B box mount (CASA), 48VDC, 120mA, 8kg.
    29LBIBTWMB  Twin light type B box mount (CASA), 110-230VAC, 280mA, 8kg.
    29LBIBPOT  Support bracket for single light 316 SS, accessory.

(please see linked PDF’s for further information)