LEDEO Aircraft Warning Lights – Medium Intensity

Delta Box Aircraft Warning Lights


Delta Box LEDEO Medium Intensity Type A/B/C Aircraft Warning Lights.

The Delta Box LEDEO Medium Intensity Type A/B/C beacons are equipped with Led technology, allowing for the development of sturdier, watertight (IP68) and very low consumption lights with a long lifetime (100 000 hours). The LEDEO Medium Intensity LED Systems are all certified and homologated by the Civil Aviation authority and can be installed on any obstacle between 45-150m tall (Pylons, Civil Engineering Structures, Buildings, Cranes & Chimneys).


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Type A – flashing white, Type B – flashing red, Type C – steady red.
– Type B > For aircraft obstruction warning on obstacles between 45m and 150m in height.
– Meets ICAO and CASA standards for medium intensity obstacle lights.
– Light Source: White or Red LED’s.
– Light Intensity: Type A – flashing 2000Cd day/ 2000Cd night (white LED) flash rate 20-60fpm; Type B – flashing 2000Cd night (red LED) flash rate 20-60fpm; Type C – steady 2000Cd night (red LED); 360 degrees horizontal and 3 degrees vertical.
– Wind Rating: 240km/h.
– Life time > 10 years.
– Low current consumption < 90W (average 45W).
– Integrated photocell and alarm contact.
– Integrated lightning protection.
– Box mounting version allows light position adjustment.
– Protection Rating: IP68.
– Options Include: battery backup, solar and control options.
– Duty: Continuous.
– Temp Rating: -55 to +55 degrees Celsius.
– Cable Entry: 2 x M20.
– Mounting: M6 bolts (M8 screw for box version).
– Mounting Box Dimensions: 325 x 246 x 160mm.
– Construction: Aluminium body, polycarbonate lens with bird spike, zamak box.
  • Order Code Description
    29LMIA11BB  Type A white flashing 2000/20000Cd, 48VDC, 4.2A, 17kg.
    29LMIA11MB  Type A white flashing 2000/20000Cd, 110-230VAC, 0.9A, 17kg.
    29LMIB11BB  Type B red flashing 2000Cd (night), 48VDC, 1.3A, 16kg.
    29LMIB11MB  Type B red flashing 2000Cd (night), 110-230VAC, 300mA, 16kg.
    29LMIC11BB  Type C red steady 2000Cd (night), 48VDC, 350mA, 16kg.
    29LMIC11MB  Type C red steady 2000Cd (night), 110-230VAC, 300mA, 16kg.

(please see linked PDF’s for further information)