E2S STExS1 F/R Explosion Proof Sounders

E2S STExS1 F/R Explosion Proof Sounders


E2S STExS1 F/R Explosion Proof Sounders for Hazardous Area Signalling Applications

The STExS1 are high output, Explosion Proof Sounders with up to 117dB output (flare horn). Low current consumption and high SPL in a robust IP66 corrosion proof 316L stainless steel enclosure ensure the STExS1 is suitable for all Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 explosion proof signalling applications. Featuring 64 first stage/channel alarm sounds which can be selected via an internal switch. The alarm tone frequencies for the first 2 stages are independently selectable. Each tone can be remotely triggered e.g. via an external relay, to change to a second, third or fourth stage/channel alarm sound. The enclosure features a threaded flame path, triple cable entries and a large termination area – all of which significantly reduce installation time.

  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Electronic sounder up to 117dB.
– Available with flare or omni-directional radial horn.
– Ex d IIC zone 1 & 2 (IECEx).
– 64 tones, including ISO tones to Australian Standards.
– Automatic synchronisation on multi-sounder systems (requires sounders to be connected to the same supply).
– Volume control.
– Four stage alarm.
– Line monitoring with blocking diode or optional EOL resistor.
– Sound Output: Max: 117dB @ 1m (flare horn), 115dB @ 1m (radial horn); Nominal: 113-101dB with volume control (110-98dB with radial horn).
– Sound Frequency: 64 tones (see tones table in attached pdf).
– Protection Rating: IP66 (IP67).
– Temp Rating (degrees Celsius): -50 to +70.
– Duty: Continuous.
– Cable Entry: 3 x M20 ISO (two stopping plug included).
– Construction: 316L stainless steel housing and mounting bracket, ABS flare.
– Approval: II 2G Ex d IIC T6 (max ambient temperature +65 degrees Celsius), II 2G Ex d IIC T5 (max ambient temperature +70 degrees Celsius), Ex tb IIIC Db T85 degrees Celsius.
– Certificate: IECEx ULD 16.0017X.
– Weight: 6.25kg.


Order Code GNExS1 Flare Horn  Order Code GNExS1-R Radial Horn Description
ESSR6010X ESSR6010XR  10-30VDC, 217mA.
ESSR6015X ESSR6015XR  30-60VDC, 77mA.
ESSR6030X ESSR6030XR  100-260VAC, 53mA.


(please see attached PDF’s for further information)