E2S BExCS110-(05/L2) Explosion Proof Sounder-Beacons

E2S BExCS110-(05/L2) Explosion Proof Sounder-Beacons


E2S BExCS110-(05/L2) Explosion Proof Sounder-Beacons for Hazardous Area Signalling Applications

The BExCS110 series combination alarm horn sounders and LED or Xenon strobe Explosion Proof  Sounder-Beacons are suitable for Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22. Approved to IECEx, ATEX, Ex EAC and INMETRO standards. Sound level ouputs are up to 117dB(A) at 1 metre with a choice of 32 alarm tones and 3 remotely selectable stages. Alarm horn & LED/Xenon sounder-beacons may be connected from a single power supply for simultaneous operation or from separate supplies for independent operation. The BEx range features enclosures manufactured from corrosion proof, marine grade copper free LM6 aluminium with a chromate and powder coat finish. All models have two M20 cable entries, large termination areas containing in & out terminals and an ingress protection of IP66/67.


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Electronic sounder with xenon or multi-function LED beacons.
– Available with flare or omni-directional radial horn.
– Ex d IIB zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 (IECEx).
– 32 tones, including ISO tones to Australian Standards.
– Automatic synchronisation on multi-sounder systems (requires sounders to be connected to the same supply).
– Automatic synchronised flash or flip-flop alternating mode (requires sounders to be connected to the same supply), (xenon only).
– Sounder and beacon controlled independently.
– Volume control.
– 3 stage alarm (three stage LED beacon).
– Line monitoring with blocking diode or optional EOL resistor.
– Sound Output: Max: 117dB (A) @ 1m (flare horn), 115dB (A) @ 1m (radial horn), Nominal – 110 to 72dB with volume control.
– Sound Frequency: 32 tones (see tones sheet in attached pdf).
– Flash Energy: Xenon – 5J.
– Light Output: Xenon – 120cd(e), LED – 160cd(e) flash.
– Flash Rate: Xenon – 60fpm, LED – multi-function (see pattern list in attached pdf).
– Protection Rating: IP66 (IP67).
– Temp Rating (degrees Celsius): T4 -50 to +70.
– Duty: Continuous.
– Cable Entry: 2 x M20 ISO (one stopping plug included).
– Construction: LM6 aluminium housing, glass lens, stainless steel guard and mounting bracket, ABS flare.
– Approval: II 2G Ex d IIB T4 (max ambient temperature +70 degrees Celsius), II 2D Ex tD A21 IP67 T115 (DIP).
– Certificate: IECEx (KEM 10.0025X).
– Weight: DC – 4.8kg, AC – 5.4kg.
– Lens Colours Available: Amber, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow.


Order Code DF Flare Horn Order Code DR Radial Horn  Description
ESS6805X ESS6805XR  BExCS110-05 – 5J xenon, 12VDC +/- 25%, 195mA sounder, 750mA beacon, (specify lens colour).
ESS6810X ESS6810XR  BExCS110-05 – 5J xenon, 24VDC +/- 25%, 265mA sounder, 300mA beacon, (specify lens colour).
ESS6815X ESS6185XR  BExCS110-05 – 5J xenon, 48VDC +/- 25%, 130mA sounder, 180mA beacon, (specify lens colour).
ESS6820X ESS6820XR  BExCS110-05 – 5J xenon, 115VAC +/- 10%, 110mA sounder, 140mA beacon, (specify lens colour).
ESS6830X ESS6830XR  BExCS110-05 – 5J xenon, 230VAC +/- 10%, 56mA sounder, 55mA beacon, (specify lens colour).
ESS6850X ESS6850XR  BExCS110-L2 – LED, 24VDC +/- 25%, 265mA sounder, 240mA beacon, (specify lens colour).
ESS6855X ESS6855XR  BExCS110-L2 – LED, 48VDC +/- 25%, 130mA sounder, 240mA beacon, (specify lens colour).
ESS6860X ESS6860XR  BExCS110-L2 – LED, 115VAC +/- 10%, 110mA sounder, 95mA beacon, (specify lens colour).
ESS6870X ESS6870XR  BExCS110-L2 – LED, 230VAC +/- 10%, 56mA sounder, 48mA beacon, (specify lens colour).


(please see attached PDF’s for further information)