Sirenco Model 2D Wide Area Motor Sirens

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Sirenco Model 2D Wide Area Motor Sirens


Sirenco Model 2D – Motor Driven Sirens for Wide Area Signalling Applications


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Range up to 2000m (based on sound level of 60dB without obstructions, mounted 5m above ground, in still air at 20 degrees Celsius).
– Single phase motor driven siren.
– Sound Output: 121dB @ 1m.
– Sound Frequency: 370/660Hz.
– Low penetrating tone.
– Weatherproof.
– Robust cast aluminium.
– Protection Rating: IP55.
– Rating: 1 hour continuous (thermal cutout protection).
– Cable Entry: 1 x M20.
– Construction: Cast aluminium.
– Weight: 8.2kg.


Order Code Description
KAM2D110  110VAC 50Hz 1ph +/- 5%, 3A running current, 24A starting current.
KAM2D230  230VAC 50Hz 1ph +/- 5%, 2.2A running current, 17A starting current.


  • (please see linked PDF’s for further information)