Sirena CEAD Solenoid Bells

Sirena CEAD Solenoid Bells


Sirena CEAD Solenoid Bells for Industrial Signalling Applications

The Sirena CEAD is an electromechanical industrial bell with a reinforced base and a 165mm diameter. Developed with acoustic electromagnetic unit with vibrating piston, the device generates a characteristic continuous sound. The rugged steel structure of the bell provides high impact resistance and excellent protection against dust and water (IP66), suitable also for heavy duty applications.

  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Industrial solenoid bell.
– Sound Output: 98dB @ 1m DC versions; 100dB @ 1m AC versions.
– Wide choice of voltages.
– Frequency: 2000-12000Hz.
– Duty Cycle: Continuous.
– Construction: ABS and steel.
– Protection Degree: IP66.
– Double insulated.
– Voltage Tolerance: +/- 10%.
– Temp Rating: -30 to +50 degrees Celsius.
– Cable Entry: M16.
– Available in red and grey.


Order Code Description
SIR8040125  CEAD – for AC voltage, 12VAC, 860mA.
SIR8040245  CEAD – for AC voltage, 24VAC, 430mA.
SIR8040485  CEAD – for AC voltage, 48VAC, 250mA.
SIR8040605  CEAD – for AC voltage, 60VAC, 170mA.
SIR8041105  CEAD – for AC voltage, 110VAC, 90mA.
SIR8042405  CEAD – for AC voltage, 240VAC, 50mA.
SIR8040121  CEADEL – for DC voltage, 12VDC, 600mA.
SIR8040241  CEADEL – for DC voltage, 24VDC, 300mA.
SIR8040481  CEADEL – for DC voltage, 48VDC, 160mA.
SIR8040601  CEADEL – for DC voltage, 60VDC, 120mA.
SIR8041101  CEADEL – for DC voltage, 110VDC, 60mA.
SIR8042401  CEADEL – for DC voltage, 240VDC, 28mA.


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