Sirena SAI Buzzers

Sirena SAI Buzzers


Sirena SAI – Buzzers for Industrial Signalling Applications

Horn engineered for industrial applications. Developed with acoustic electromagnetic capsule with vibrating membrane, the device generates a characteristic continuous sound or intermittent sound. Ideal choice for short call or danger signals.


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– High output buzzer.
– Continuous or pulsing versions.
– Sound Output: 110dB @ 1m DC Voltage; 105dB @ 1m AC Voltage.
– Sound Frequency: 600-20000Hz. (800-15000Hz on AC supply).
– Double insulated.
– Voltage tolerance: +/- 10%.
– Protection Rating: IP54.
– Temp Rating: -30 to +40 degrees Celsius.
– Duty Cycle: Continuous.
– Cable Entry: M16.
– Construction: ABS & polycarbonate.


Order Code Description
SIR8070121  SAI continuous sound, 12VDC, 1.7A.
SIR8070241  SAI continuous sound, 24VDC, 900mA.
SIR8070481  SAI continuous sound, 48VDC, 450mA.
SIR8070125  SAI continuous sound, 12VAC, 1.9A.
SIR8070245  SAI continuous sound, 24VAC, 1.1A.
SIR8070485  SAI continuous sound, 48VAC, 540mA.
SIR8071105  SAI continuous sound, 110VAC, 190mA.
SIR8072405  SAI continuous sound, 240VAC, 130mA.
SIR8070126  SAI pulsing sound, 12VAC, 1.9A.
SIR8070246  SAI pulsing sound, 24VAC, 1.1A.
SIR8070486  SAI pulsing sound, 48VAC, 540mA.
SIR8071106  SAI pulsing sound, 110VAC, 190mA.
SIR8072406  SAI pulsing sound, 240VAC, 130mA.


  • (please see linked PDF’s for further information)