Sunbeam RM Series Rotating Beacons

Sunbeam RM Series Rotating Beacons


Sunbeam RM Series Rotating Beacons for Industrial Signalling Applications

Rotating beacons for fire, security, industrial and commercial  signalling applications.


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– 10W rotating beacon for fire, security and commercial applications.
– Low voltage lamps for longer life.
– Flash rate: 150rpm.
– Supplied with spare lamp.
– Mounting: Within 30 degrees of vertical.
– IP44 protection degree.
– Cable Entry: Through base.
– Construction: ABS base, acrylic lens.
– Lens Color: Available in – amber, blue, clear, green, red & yellow.
  • Order Code Description
    MXRM012  12VDC +/-10%, 850mA, 12V 10W bulb.
    MXRM024  24VDC +/-10%, 425mA, 24V 10W bulb.
    MXRM240  240VAC +/-10%, 40mA, 12V 8W bulb.
    MX90120  12V 8W bulb (RM 240V) accessory.
    MX90121  12V 10W bulb (RM 12V) accessory.
    MX90122  24V 10W bulb (RM 24V) accessory.
    MX90016  RM lens (specify colour) accessory.

(please see linked PDF’s for further information)