Sirena Celere Series Motor Sirens

Sirena Celere Series Motor Sirens


Sirena Celere Series – Motor Driven Sirens for Industrial Signalling Applications

Electro-mechanical siren engineered for industrial applications. The device, made up of an electric motor connected to an internal fan, generates a long high-pitched sound. The high frequency sound replicates typical features of a whistle, allowing recognition of this sound from users. Ideal choice for industrial applications, from general-purpose signalization to warning of impending dangers. 3 sizes according to the desired sound output. Available in BA versions (low consumption).


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Motor driven sirens up to 114dB.
– 3 sizes available.
– Double insulated.
– Voltage tolerance: +/- 10%.
– Protection Rating: IP43.
– Temp Rating: -30 to +40 degrees Celsius.
– Duty Cycle: 1 min on. 10 min off (BA versions are continuously rated).
– Cable Entry: M12.
– Construction: Polycarbonate.


Order Code Description
SIR4101210  Mini Celere (BA) – continuously rated, 12VDC, 1.3A, 1200Hz, 97dB@1m.
SIR4102410  Mini Celere (BA) – continuously rated, 24VDC, 0.55A, 1300Hz, 100dB@1m.
SIR4101230  Mini Celere, 12VAC/DC, 2.7A, 1020Hz, 88dB.
SIR4102430  Mini Celere, 24VAC/DC, 1.47A, 1350Hz, 94Db.
SIR4104830  Mini Celere, 48VAC/DC, 0.85A, 1520Hz, 100dB.
SIR4111030  Mini Celere, 110VAC/DC, 0.37A, 1450Hz, 96Db.
SIR4124030  Mini Celere, 240VAC, 0.22A, 1730Hz, 101dB
SIR4301210  Celere (BA) – continuously rated, 12VDC, 2.5A, 950Hz, 103dB.
SIR4302410  Celere (BA) – continuously rated, 24VDC, 1.1A, 950Hz, 103dB.
SIR4301230  Celere, 12VAC/DC, 9.2A, 1020Hz, 100dB.
SIR4302430  Celere, 24VAC/DC, 7.8A, 1380Hz, 109dB.
SIR4304830  Celere, 48VAC/DC, 3.7A, 1410Hz, 108.5dB.
SIR4311030  Celere, 110VAC/DC, 0.92A, 1060Hz, 104.5dB.
SIR4324030  Celere, 240VAC/DC, 0.65A, 1430Hz, 110dB.
SIR4501210  Super Celere (BA) – continuously rated, 12VDC, 9.5A, 820Hz, 114dB.
SIR4502410  Super Celere (BA) – continuously rated, 24VDC, 5.0A, 820Hz, 114dB.
SIR4501230  Super Celere, 12VAC/DC, 13.5A, 800Hz, 111dB.
SIR4502430  Super Celere, 24VAC/DC, 7.0A, 900Hz, 112dB.
SIR4504830  Super Celere, 48VAC/DC, 6.0A, 1060Hz, 113.5dB.
SIR4511030  Super Celere, 110VAC/DC, 1.7A, 970Hz, 111.5dB.
SIR4524030  Super Celere, 240VAc/DC, 1.2A, 1120Hz, 113.5dB.


  • (please see linked PDF’s for further information)