Sirena Celerest Series Motor Sirens

Sirena Celerest Series Motor Sirens


Sirena Celerest Series – Motor Driven Sirens for Industrial Signalling Applications

Electro-mechanical siren engineered for industrial applications. The device, made up of an electric motor connected to an internal fan, generates a long high-pitched sound. The high frequency sound replicates typical features of a whistle, allowing recognition of this sound from users. An aluminium protective cap, is provided with the siren, increasing resistance to atmospheric agents for outdoor installation. Ideal choice for industrial applications, from general-purpose signalization to warning of impending dangers. 3 sizes (miniCELEREST, CELEREST and superCELEREST) according to the desired sound output. Available in BA versions (low consumption). The ideal installation in vertical position guarantees total effectiveness of the protective cap.


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Motor driven sirens up to 116dB.
– 3 sizes available.
– Vertical mounting with rain hood.
– Double insulated.
– Voltage tolerance: +/- 10%.
– Protection Rating: IP44.
– Temp Rating: -30 to +40 degrees Celsius.
– Duty Cycle: 1 min on. 10 min off (BA versions are continuously rated).
– Cable Entry: M16.
– Construction: Polycarbonate.


Order Code Description
SIR4701210  Mini Celerest (BA) – continuously rated, 12VDC, 1.3A, 1200Hz, 92dB.
SIR4702410  Mini Celerest (BA) – continuously rated, 24VDC, 0.55A, 1300Hz, 95dB.
SIR4701230  Mini Celerest, 12VAC/DC, 2.7A, 1600Hz, 96dB.
SIR4702430  Mini Celerest, 24VAC/DC, 1.47A, 1600Hz, 97dB.
SIR4704830  Mini Celerest, 48VAC/DC, 0.85A, 1650Hz, 97dB.
SIR4711030  Mini Celerest, 110VAC/DC, 0.37A, 1500Hz, 95dB.
SIR4724030  Mini Celerest, 240VAC/DC, 0.22A, 1700Hz, 97dB.
SIR4801210  Celerest (BA) – continuously rated, 12VDC, 2.5A, 950Hz, 100dB.
SIR4802410  Celerest (BA) – continuously rated, 24VDC, 1.1A, 950Hz, 100dB.
SIR4801230  Celerest, 12VAC/DC, 9.2A, 1150Hz, 104dB.
SIR4802430  Celerest, 24VAC/DC, 7.8A, 1250Hz, 106dB.
SIR4804830  Celerest, 48VAC/DC, 3.6A, 1350Hz, 106dB.
SIR4811030  Celerest, 110VAC/DC, 0.92A, 1300Hz, 106dB.
SIR4824030  Celerest, 240VAC/DC, 0.65A, 1400Hz, 107dB.
SIR4901210  Super Celerest (BA) – continuously rated, 12VDC, 9.5A, 820Hz, 113dB.
SIR4902420  Super Celerest (BA) – continuously rated, 24VDC, 5.0A, 820Hz, 113dB.
SIR4901230  Super Celerest, 12VAC/DC, 13.5A, 900Hz, 113dB.
SIR4902430  Super Celerest, 24VAC/DC, 7.0A, 900Hz, 114dB.
SIR4904830  Super Celerest, 48VAC/DC, 6.0A, 1000Hz, 115dB.
SIR4911030  Super Celerest, 110VAC/DC, 1.7A, 1000Hz, 115dB.
SIR4924030  Super Celerest, 240VAC/DC, 1.2A, 1050Hz, 116dB.


  • (please see linked PDF’s for further information)