Sirena CTLX1200 Xenon Strobe Beacons

Sirena CTLX1200 Xenon Strobe Beacons


Sirena CTLX1200 Xenon Strobe Beacons for Industrial Signalling Applications

The Sirena CTLX1200 Xenon Strobe Beacon is a high output & low profile luminous device engineered for industrial applications on machinery.

  • Operational Characteristics: 

– Flash rate: 65fpm +/- 10.

– Flash energy: 6J.

– Low profile housing.

– High output xenon strobe.

– Protection: IP54.

– Duty: Continuous.

– Temp rating (degrees C) -10 to +40.

– Cable entry: Through mounting base.

– Construction: Polycarbonate base and lens.

– Double insulated.

– Available with amber, blue, clear, green, red, yellow lens color.

  • Order Code Description
    SIR2002440  12-24VAC/DC, 1-0.75A, candela: 3150-3450(p).
    SIR2011040  110VAC, 100mA, candela: 2700(p).
    SIR2024040  240VAC, 90mA, candela: 3500(p).
    SIR31800001  CTLX1200 lens (specify colour) accessory.
    SIR3999060  6 Joule xenon tube to suit CTLX1200.

(please see linked PDF’s for further information)